Manifesting through a lesson

QUESTION: Masters, my husband and I are having financial difficulties. I have been trying very hard to intentionally CREATE abundance in our finances and CREATE the life that I (we) desire. I am trying to trust, release and KNOW my power. How can I (we) get past those blocks and get the lesson? We are both exhausted with this lesson. I feel like we are “almost” there. ~Lisa, Canada

ANSWER: First, and foremost, the spiritual journey is a solitary thing. You cannot do anything for your husband. He must do it for himself. Your manifestation and creativity must relate to your needs. If either of you has a life lesson that involves an aspect of poverty, as a couple, you will not be able to manifest wealth until you deal with that energy. You chose each other because you were aware of the other’s choices in life.

It is important to examine your feelings about money. It is an energy exchange for the amount of effort put into producing it. Money is not a human entitlement. Being energy itself, money senses all the energy surrounding it. If either of you sends out negative or doubting energy concerning its connection to you, it holds back the return of finances. Thoughts and actions are very decisive in the results of your work.

You have the power to bring to you that which you desire if it does not interfere with a life lesson. You have no lesson in poverty preventing wealth from accumulating in this existence. Your husband has no issues with money, either, but he has lessons around self-worth and confidence. His ego-based concerns about what others think of him and his business prevent him from escaping the belief systems by which they expect him to live. To move forward he needs to examine why he feels, thinks, and performs the way he does.