The duality balance

QUESTION: Masters, if Earth holds a balance of positive and negative energy for souls to learn about themselves, how is this balance maintained when negative energy is released to the light? ~David, UK

ANSWER: Earth is a balanced duality of positive and negative energy. The balance does not exist in souls at all times since it would prevent them from learning anything. They must be able to feel the negativity of a lesson and then make the choice that will free them of that negativity, allowing them to learn what the lesson is about.

As some souls are nearing the end of their lessons, more souls are just beginning theirs. Some souls gather up positive energy and some gather in negativity. At the conclusion of a negative lesson, when souls disperse the negativity they now understand, that energy is free to go to another place where it can be used.

Releasing negative energy “into the light” doesn’t change it into positive energy; it merely removes the influence of the negativity from the souls who no longer desire to have it around. These persons become lighter, since negative energy is heavier or more physical, and the light shields the souls from any further effects of the negativity. Negative energy does not become positive energy.

Sometimes the energy that has been released hangs around those who haven’t totally comprehended the lesson and may need a little touch up to fully accept the instruction. Until they enter back into the conditions for learning, they are unaware that the negativity has not departed for elsewhere.

Of all the positive and negative energy on your planet, not all is attached to physical bodies at any one time. Different proportions, as needed by the souls, are attached and the rest is off stage, ready to be called into service as needed.