Earth animals


Fellow souls, we have been getting a lot of questions about family pets lately. Most people seem to think that animals have the same type of thinking processes and emotions as humans. That is just not true. Most animals are energy that has been created to provide experiences for and to assist humans.

Some animals are around to balance nature and provide a diversity to the life upon your planet. Most of these animals do not have a soul that is broken off from the Creator as you are.

While it is true that a very small percentage of animals upon the planet do have an interchangeable soul—that is they have made the choice to have experiences both in the body of a human and in the body of an animal such as a horse, a dog, or a cougar—the vast majority of souls restrict incarnate experiences to being human. Less than one percent of souls choose to be interchangeable.

That being said, it is easy to see that the majority of animals are living things who are around to help people with their life. They take cues from their owner as to emotions and responses to stimuli. If you are uncertain  how your pet will respond to an additional animal coming into its “own” home, you will soon see jealousy and the attempt to get your attention.

When an animal, such as a cat or dog, has been an “only child” and a new “child” (another pet) is introduced into the household, of course it is going to resent the loss of time spent with it because of the new animal.

The responses of animals are not different from those of human children. You are uncertain about an animal’s feelings only because it cannot verbalize its displeasure as a child can. If you want to get a sense of a pet’s feelings, try putting yourself in its position and see how you perceive the situation.

One thing that animal energy has in common with interchangeable souls is that once it returns to its pure form at Home there is nothing but unconditional love. No grudges, hatreds, regrets, or disappointments bridge the dimensional gap to our spiritual Home. Your animals love you unconditionally for allowing them the experience they had with you.

Love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World