The eternal search

QUESTION: Masters, I did a regression that took me back to my origins (12th dimension). Since I am a kid I experienced various things. My ego talks in this way to me: “who do you think you are?” I see, feel and connect. I think I know certain things. Overall my true fear is to be a “fraud” because I do not master my gifts. Is it possible to have my mission confirmed: what steps should I take? ~Conception, Canada

ANSWER: Your “mission,” purpose, or whatever you wish to call it, is to know yourself. Know and understand that you are a divine soul who has come to Earth to experience negativity and to work through that negativity to find the unconditional love of your soul, which is your true essence.

Negativity is the judgment that allows the ego to function. Without trying to rate or judge who and what is “better” than someone or something else, the ego ceases to exist. When your ego asks “who do you think you are?” what do you answer? Do you answer that you are an unconditionally loving soul who is spending time learning to evaluate what you experience, so you may determine if you understand the activity? Or do you take the question as a judgment—a condemnation that you are not functioning as your ego thinks you should?

And who controls the ego? All those outside of you who give you the standards they wish you to compare yourself against. When you allow yourself to make a judgment, you are giving up to them your power over your mission. Your lesson can only be learned internally. Ask if you can feel what direction you wish to travel.

If you are true to yourself, you cannot be a fraud. To use that term, you are saying you have to make a judgment that something is wrong. There is no right or wrong on the spiritual journey. Therefore there can be no fraudulent use of your learning unless you insist on judging it in an egotistic fashion.

No one has “gifts.” Nothing is given to you for being on Earth in a body. What you have are abilities that you have previously learned in your past lifetimes, or some particular lesson that involves what the spiritual community thinks is magical. All souls have the ability to use energy to balance, heal, and manifest. It only requires the faith in oneself to make use of it.