What is reality?

QUESTION: Masters, I recently ran across some interesting videos by David Icke. He talks about numerous topics, which include Freemasons and Illuminati as well as reptilians living among us. According to Icke, this secret society has a grand master plan, which is to take over the world and control the human population under one government, one currency, one bank, etc. They are the main drivers behind major decisions and events on economics, politics, and terrorism to name a few. A lot revolves around a “problem, reaction, solution” technique which leads to fear in people and to them believing a story far from the truth. Similarly, this reminds me of V from Vendetta in which the government was the real cause of the problem. I’ve seen a few of his videos and feel that there’s some truth to what he’s saying. At the same time, I question it since it seems far from anything my mind can comprehend. How much of this is true? ~Veronica, US

ANSWER: We will not evaluate the beliefs of any particular person but think this is a good opening to talk about the creation of a person’s reality. All souls choose and then create the reality they wish to experience. Time is a constant only on planet Earth and is visualized in your human sense by the focus of each individual. Everything is energy and exists in all vibrations simultaneously.

People therefore have the ability to slip between various realities at will. Most choose to stay in one reality to accomplish whatever lesson they are undergoing. That does not mean they are totally unaware of the other dimensions in which they are not at that moment. They may sense another vibration and what it would be like if they entered it instead of staying where they are.

In every complicated life function, such as government, there are many facets. It is never possible to see what all the people involved in an economic trend are doing at the same time. In retrospect it is easy to replay and assign significance to actions that were not entirely responsible for a happening but could be construed to have had an effect.

Various souls having Earth incarnations need to be involved in patterns of behavior in order to complete their desired lesson. Just as slave masters (those who wished to experience the ultimate in controlling another human) were necessary to create slavery, there are souls whose lessons involve world order or domination. Sometimes these people bind together to create a cabal to accomplish their goal.

We have commented previously about the fact that Earth existences are not the only lifetime a soul may choose to experience. There are other planets and life forms, and sometimes they come to Earth to see how they can affect life here. Life influences art, and that is why movies and books occasionally talk about these same events.

To see how all of this works, let us say you wish to have a green lawn but you currently see nothing but arid soil. You may do the things necessary to grow and nurture your grass, you may paint the area with green paint, or you can stay inside and put a picture of a beautiful lawn on the inside of all your windows. This then becomes your reality even if it is not the reality others see. You can accept it so fully into your reality that even walking outside in that dusty soil you see only beautiful, healthy grass. Reality is what you create and what you allow yourself to see.