More than the eye can see

QUESTION: Masters, I just read your answer to “the amazing relationship” and it pushed me to open up and ask about a guy I’ve been sharing time with. I’ve known he is not the right guy for me but I felt to share some company. He seemed sweet and harmless; then I saw different characters coming out, then he retreated to the sweet-faced child often looking shocked and startled. It worries me.
I’ve persevered, but I’ve found myself yelling my lungs out at him with instant anger and my head feels bothered, haunted by thoughts that seem to cling.
He does strange things, I feel very affected. I get exhausted, tummy sick, warning flags! What have I let in? ~Krista, France

ANSWER: Your acquaintance’s body is harboring several discarnate spirits within. He is consciously unaware of who and what he is at this time. He invited these spirits to join him in a period of loneliness as a child and they have been with him ever since. They will remain unless, and until, he un-invites them and tells them to take a hike. Since he is not aware of their existence this may not occur while he is in this body.

The sweet-faced child is part of his personality which has not evolved since the others joined with him. These beings have brought a lot of negativity with them and that influences not only your friend but also anyone who is in his presence. This is the reason that you feel physical discomforts when in his presence or after being with him for a period of time.

The spirits love to create havoc and will start fights and be insensitive and nasty to get reactions out of you. When you try your hardest to understand the situation, you are unconsciously saying “let me understand you” and that is opening the door for these same discarnates to attempt to connect to you. You perceive it as a clinging—and it is! Heed those warning flags and take off—unless you want to experience further effects of these unhappy negative souls.