Separating Life Lessons

QUESTION: Masters, even though my wife and I have made progress during our karmic journey together, the basic issues like having a lack of respect and misunderstanding of the other’s feelings are still present. How could I promote our relationship? There is very little real conversation between us and I feel stuck and sad! I am handicapped and I`ve met a couple of great, caring personalities as my therapists in the past yearsespecially the latest. She seems to test my ability to control my emotions for what? Could you draw me the bigger picture here, please? ~Jari, Finland

ANSWER: Everything that happens between you and your wife has to do with life lessons you agreed to help each other understand. She has a totally different interpretation of your interaction from yours. She finds you at times very demanding and has moved on to different interests that you cannot share with her. She does not understand your sense of confinement and dependence, and you do not see her need for freedom and independence. The current lack of communication will never allow you two to see things through the other’s eyes.

The therapists have come into your life to enable you to see your life and reactions from outside a romantic or spousal relationship. In an employer-employee relationship they can tell you exactly what they see and feel without hurting your marriage. These are often things your wife does not wish to say for fear of hurting you.

A soul calls to itself what it needs to experience. Your emotions were getting out of control in your frustration and sadness. You were seeing things only from your own needs and not from the needs of your wife. You chose the body and afflictions that you have in order to study the torments your daily life presents. This helps you to find out how you feel about these options and how you feel about others’ reactions to you.

As with all souls having an Earthly experience, your purpose is to find out your essence. This you do by examining your reactions to life and delving into your fears and doubts. The situation you have asked for is a very difficult and trying one, but understanding it will be all the more rewarding.