Many Layers, Many Lives

QUESTION: Masters, during a regression, my soul was talking in the third person. It said that it was not in symbiosis with my body, because the body Nicole had made a bad decision about an operation that she was not supposed to have. Allegedly my soul had told me not to do it through my inner voice, but I did not listen. That my soul has a secret that it did not want to tell. It was reluctant to come in symbiosis with the body. Can you explain please? ~Nicole, Canada

ANSWER: When you reach the point of talking to the essence of your soul, there is absolutely no amount of judgment or negativity present. The soul is just unconditional love. Under hypnosis you may reach your unconscious self, sometimes referred to as your higher self. There are layers of higher selves, depending upon whether all the lessons of the lifetime have been dealt with and there is no longer a connection to the physical third dimension.

The unconscious aspect of your human self contains all the parts of which you are conscious, as well as those that have broken off and are within your day-to-day hidden unconscious awareness. Various experiences during a lifetime may create trauma. If you cannot deal with these traumas on a conscious level, the memories are relegated to the unconscious. If they are horrendous enough—for example, involved with guilt, betrayal, or abuse—a section of your soul or the person you know may become dissociated from the conscious. This can result in split personality, a hidden inner child that never develops with the adult self, or a compartment that remains closed until opened, as in hypnosis.

These parts of yourself may have a very skewed version of fact. They may claim that your conscious self—the part you identify with as Nicole—has done something wrong for whatever reason. What you need to do is reunite the parts of your soul that have fragmented. Procedures such as those known as parts therapy, joining the inner child, or restructuring can bring the divided aspects of your self back together again. You are not in symbiosis because you are not in a unified piece.