The Bully

QUESTION: Masters, my partner keeps on repeating he likes the dark and does not wish to cleanse with the violet flame or cut the cords of any sexual desires he has for another than me as to re-write his male DNA programming. Is he still tied with a karmic vow to be in service of the dark forces and needs to undo it by cutting it? Could you help me understand please? ~Kita, UK

ANSWER: Your partner is a selfish, bullying narcissist. He only cares about himself and his desires. He is intrigued with stories about “bad boys” or people who have made pacts with demons to ensure that all their pleasures are satisfied.

He doesn’t want to have any restrictions placed upon his actions, while wanting you to do his bidding. This is not the result of a karmic vow or a required service contract to the dark forces. It is his excuse for doing whatever he wants.

If he were to cleanse these behaviors and cut ties to these needs, he feels it would lead him to a very boring, unexciting, unfulfilled life. He is immature in his attitude toward responsibilities and enjoys playing this role of being a dark force. He has totally convinced himself it is so—so for him it is true.

You will not be able to help him until he is ready to examine where his lifestyle fits into society. He has no idea who he is as a soul and really couldn’t care less. This is part of a life lesson he came to experience. He has to first understand it as a lesson before he can learn from it and then go in another direction.