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After death

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have heard different versions about the light we see once we pass away and the guides we encounter there to help us transition to the other side. I have also read from other sources that these are entities that portray themselves to be family members and friends (when in fact they are not) to trick us to follow them into the light and thus we subject ourselves to the reincarnation process not being able to move forward. What is your opinion about that? ~Lgc, United States

ANSWER: Every soul creates their own reality through their intention. What a human believes is going to happen when they leave their physical body is what they experience. If they have a preconceived notion that they are going to a place that most religions call hell, then that is what they will create for themselves. If they believe they are going to be judged at the pearly gates, then they find themselves there. If their intention is to return to unconditional love and those souls they know so well, then that is what happens.

A soul leaving a physical form goes back to its essence, which is pure, unconditionally loving energy. They have no physical form, so they have no body with eyes with which to see a white light, unless they create it. With no body they have no sense of touch, so feeling takes its place. If they ask for their guides or family members from that lifetime to greet or accompany their journey Home, then that is what will occur.

In the momentary time of going from the physical to the energetic, they can sense all energetic forms – both those from the positive love and the negative discarnates who have refused to go into the love light. Negative beings may try to convince them not to enter the love light but to stay to right any wrongs they feel were done to them while in the body. The choice is completely up to the transitioning soul.

No one, in any form, can cause a soul to reincarnate. The soul has ultimate choice over when, where, and if ever they will return to Earth. Coming back is a decision that is never taken lightly. The whole purpose for being on Earth is to learn. If you have not previously planned for lessons, you have nothing definitive to do when arriving in physical form.

Peter Watson Jenkins, through the channeling of Toni Ann Winninger, interviewed a number of souls about the time period in which they went through their transition from human back to soul. The book “How I Died, and what I did next” shows this process very clearly. Souls who had hard, easy, traumatic, and unexpected deaths all next experienced what they believed or intended was going to be the state of their afterlife.

Just as belief systems control your physical experiences, intention is the director of the nonphysical. Knowing and accepting this, you can prepare your transition.

Young humans, trauma and lessons

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, recently a serious event occurred in Spain, where 2-year-old toddler dropped into the extremely deep (360 ft) and narrow (11 inch) well. It took almost 2 weeks to rescue him – regrettably he was not alive. This troubles and bothers me a lot, even though it became clear that he did not live long due to massive head trauma. What happens to children in accidents like this? Do angels somehow “raise the soul to heaven” right away, so that the child is not feeling the pain and emergency? Do you have any means to reduce suffering, if e.g. child would be alive but not saved for several days? I know that this toddler is now in safe and loving place, but I’m still worrying did he suffer or not? ~Irmeli, Finland

ANSWER: From a spiritual perspective, nothing truly happens by accident. You plan your upcoming life while at Home. This includes what you wish to experience and the group events in which you plan to take a part. The situation you mention was a life lesson not just for the child but for the family, the rescuers, and the public, such as you, who all feel the emotional result of witnessing such a proceeding.

The soul of the child wanted to assist others in examining lessons such as futility, guilt, helplessness, frustration, and loss. This soul had only grown into a tiny human but was an eternal soul who had experienced many, many previous lives. In most of these cases where the soul is providing such a traumatic exercise for those around them, they had planned a very short life and flipped out of the body before having physical traumatic sensations.

The reason you felt so impacted by the event is that you have some life lessons that you have not understood and worked with that were emotionally triggered by the situation. To find and work through them, ask yourself: What was it about this that first made you well up with tears? What did you want to be able to do to help with the rescue? How did you feel about not being in control – and not having any control?

The answers to those questions will lead you to lessons that you have not recognized and also some you have been ignoring. Other things that can trigger disregarded lessons are books, television, and movies that duplicate the causes of your distress. Always start your healing by asking: What is it that is touching your heart?

Time period for reincarnation

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters when thinking of reincarnation, I’ve always considered I may come back to this Earth sometime in the future. However as there is no time when we cross over, I am wondering if I could reincarnate into the past, maybe a thousand or more years in the past? To an era that I am attracted to now in this life. ~Les, Australia

ANSWER: Time, as recorded by humans, exists only on Earth. A soul has the ability to insert itself anywhere along the linear timeline that has occurred on the planet. It is all happening at the same time. That is why a human who undergoes a past-life regression under hypnosis can tap into the past lives they have lived and jump from one Earth time period to another.

When a soul is considering reincarnating on Earth, they first decide what it is they wish to experience. Is it a characteristic, an emotional test, or something they have become aware of as a historical event from a prior lifetime? If it is to participate in an Earth period, they choose who or what they wish to be and then set up everything that will permit them to create the experience.

They can even pop into the life of a particular person of whom they have become aware. They can recreate the entire life or just a section of it. If the desire is to live through the development of a way of life, they can do that as well. Those who enter for a short visit are aware of what is happening, but those who want to live an entire life set up the staging for the life but enter with amnesia, just as with a normal life, and work through the situations that present themselves.

Where you are right now is the period you chose. From the societal knowledge of the ego, everything is a continuing linear progression, and therefore they create a past, present, and future. Spiritually there is no judgment of past, present, and future – it all just exists as each soul creates the illusion and reality they want to experience.

When you are back Home considering your next adventure, all of this will be in your awareness. You can remind yourself at that time that you were fascinated by a particular “past” period on Earth and then you can go visit.