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Psychedelics and spirituality

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, what is the place of ancient indigenous medicines like ayahuasca in our human spiritual evolution, individually and collectively? My girlfriend and I have partaken in a few ceremonies and although I have had numerous beautiful realizations, I haven’t been able to ground them into my daily physical experience. She, on the other hand, has fared even worse (perceived) as she actually had quite a difficult experience and has seemed to shun anything reminiscent of spirituality ever since. Her depression and sadness often get the better of her and I’m worried. Should she delve back into the spirit world through the indigenous method, or is there a better way to heal herself? ~Matt, United States

ANSWER: The types of substances you mention are taken to diminish the ego-conscious restraints of the human body and allow your mind to move outward without restrictions. Some of these same acting materials are used by psychiatrists to manage depression, extreme phobias, and various other mental conditions.

The effect upon your girlfriend resulted from her not having a firm foundation for her human identity, and the ayahuasca removed any stability she had. The experience left her floating and imagining all the worst possibilities. Since she sensed the nonphysical beings around her, she could not differentiate between friendly and malicious and she fears the “bad guys” will attack her if she enters that state again. Therefore, she desires no contact with any nonphysicals, which to her means anything spiritual.

To maintain a connection with the spiritual beings you were able to access through the drugs, you need to re-create the conditions within your mind. That does not mean continued use of the substances but visualizing the state. Before beginning, have the intention to establish contact with your guides and advisors. Enter into a deep meditation where you completely shut off your mind and then invite the same beings to come for a visit.

When entering this space without the total release of your inhibitions through the drug you will be able to control whom you meet, what you learn, and easier ways to repeat your experiences. To answer your question, medicines are one means of knowing what is possible. But dependence on them keeps you from using your intention to format your connection.

Give your girlfriend time. Try having her enter meditation and ask for her protective guides to show themselves to reassure herself that not all nonphysicals are harmful and dangerous.

Balancing spiritual knowledge and Earth reality

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I feel that I am many times paralyzed between spiritual knowledge and Earth reality. This makes me so confused sometimes that I don’t know any more what to believe and it becomes hard to take decisive action. I try to listen to my heart for guidance, but it feels like my heart is silent? Can Masters give me some guidance on the facts I need to be more aware of or what I’m not aware yet and what do you suggest for me in this moment? ~Arttu, Finland

ANSWER: There is no standard or agreed upon definition of spirituality and spiritual terms and ideologies. Every group and every “teacher” or “guru” has their own experiences, which they contend are “the only way” to achieve enlightenment. Exposure to many of these ideas will bring contradictions and conflicts.

Spiritual people are all aspiring to rid themselves of the negativity of the third dimension and ascend into unconditionally loving bliss. The only problem is that you are still in your physical form and, therefore, living in the duality of a 50/50 positive/negative world.

When a soul comes to Earth, they generally do so to learn some lessons about life and the afterlife, or their true essence. Society, into which they come, controls its members through ego judgment. Negativity is the basis for these actions. This causes everything to be rated, graded, and judged. To free oneself from this way of life, one must get out of judgment and use only evaluation: “Is it what I want or not?”

Each person establishes the parameters they need to complete their mission. This is done by creating their own reality – what they are going to believe in and how they are going to live. This is first done by following parents and close associates. Once it is recognized that you can let go of the beliefs of others and establish your own, your choices dictate your world.

Listening to your heart does not generally start a verbal communication but should give you a “feeling” of what resonates with your unconscious. How do you relate to what you are deciding? Does it seem to be something you can live with or is it uncomfortable? That is the way your heart speaks to you.

Stop being so hard on yourself. And stop trying to accept everything that is a piece of someone else’s beliefs. Accept as your reality only what feels good to you. You have complete freedom of choice, which means there are no pre-set rules.

Effects of abortion on souls

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters after an abortion, what are the effects upon the soul that has been aborted? What are the long-term effects upon the soul of the potential mother? What advice can you give to aid in healing during this lifetime? ~Katherine, U.S.A

ANSWER: Souls are eternal pieces of Source energy existing solely in unconditional love. They are not affected or influenced by negative events in which they engage while having a physical experience. Therefore, an abortion is something with which their physical shell deals while the essential soul observes and learns. The only long-term influence is the soul’s acquisition of knowledge and perhaps wisdom.

A soul having a physical experience is aware of everything their human body is doing. They watch and gain the knowledge arising from the lessons, such as abortion, that they had chosen to enact. There are, it is true, mental, physical, and emotional effects on the human body from a lesson such as abortion because of its historical energy in the societal thinking. It can be more or less egregious depending on the religious affiliation of the mother having the abortion. This, however, is an Earthbound event; it does not transmit any of its physical energy into the nonphysical existence.

When the lesson of an abortion is decided before coming to Earth, the soul choosing that event will make it known that they want to go through the emotional turmoil of the act. For that reason, if it is definite, no soul will be assigned to the fetus. If it is possible – maybe or maybe not, then the soul assigned to the fetus is well aware of the fact that their body might be aborted prior to viability.

Since the incoming soul is aware of its possible interruption, they are prepared for that eventuality. The human mother is the one who deals with the consequences of her actions. This is a chosen lesson, and it has to do with working through the negative/positive implications of aborting a fetus while she is still in her physical form. The resulting energy does not carry over after leaving that body unless the soul chooses not to understand it as a lesson to work through and wishes to return to it in a subsequent lifetime.

“Healing” is a matter of understanding why the abortion was chosen. Going into the subconscious and finding the causation allows the human to decide how much they are going to allow the act to continue affecting them. A hypnosis session visiting the decision process before birth, or a deep meditation doing the same thing, will provide the answers you desire.