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Physical changes and ascension

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

QUESTIONS: Masters. I want to ask about the ascension process. As soon as I met my twin flame last year, I started hearing a frequency in my ears. For about 7 months there were minor shifts in my consciousness. During the 8th month, there was a major shift. Everything started to look more alive. My skin started to become shiny with a rainbow-like reflection to it. Teeth and gums became cleaner. Hair all over the body became finer. Eyes became clearer. Breath became smoother. The intensity of light from light sources like table lamps, street lights etc. started to increase. Colors started to look more vibrant. Greens started to look greener, yellow yellower etc. Mind became silent with no random thoughts or visualizations. I started seeing a pulsating blue star in my mind’s eye. Can you explain this ascension process in detail? Is that my soul star? ~Aadish, United States

ANSWER: This person is not your twin flame but is a close member of your soul group with whom you have shared a lot of different lifetimes incarnate. You are together for this soul mate to assist you in raising your vibration to a level that allows you to connect completely with the unconditional love of Source.

Ascension is just that – leaving behind the heavy, negative energy of the duality and ascending into only the positive, pure, love energy from which you originated. In the duality, the closer one is to the negativity of humanity, the foggier and heavier all functions of the human body become. When you leave behind the ego judgment and enter a state of positive evaluation, things clear up and become more distinct. Ascension is reconnecting to your nonphysical self.

Ascension varies for everyone because the process occurs through your intention and is affected by whether you have removed all the lessons chosen for that lifetime. The lessons appear in negativity, and being immersed in them prevents you from clearing away the negative to get to the positive. Being able to clear them up also settles the mind, so you can exist in the nonphysical world without interference.

The tone that you are hearing is the flow of life force energy circulating through your body. The pulsing blue light is a view of your true essence; it is not connected to your physical body and therefore not one of your chakras.

The next step for you is to join with your guides and the Ascended Masters in remembering who you are as a soul and seeing what else you had planned for this journey. You may also access your akashic records to open all the wisdom that you gathered in past lives and bring it into this one for the purpose of assisting others.

Without direction

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I truly need guidance from the Divine. After the passing on of my father and dearest cousin, I’ve been feeling a loss of direction and purpose in life. I think I’ve wasted my money in the past attending all those spiritual courses, instead of healing I feel more hurt. Is that my karma from the past that I need to go through? What’s my direction in life now, am I supposed to live my life as it is now since I don’t have another 50 years. I should go back to Buddhist practice do more chanting to clear my karma so that I can go to heaven. ~Faye, Singapore

ANSWER: “Karma” is an excuse for blaming all your problems on an invisible and unreachable source. What you are dealing with are the life lessons you chose before coming to Earth.  You elected to experience abandonment, betrayal, a lack of love, and issues concerning self-worth and self-confidence. You have shied away from taking responsibility for your journey and have looked to others for direction.

You deferred to your father and cousin while making major decisions in your life and now have no one to take their place. Going to all the spiritual classes could only show you the way others have handled their problems. Nothing was discussed on dealing with your own difficulties. You feel more confused because no one shared your set of lessons.

The remaining lessons that are still affecting you come to you as fears and doubts. Instead of facing them, you back away and talk of them as karma that some say can be cleared through chanting. In fact, what you need is to face them down and find out what is keeping the fear in front of you. These are your lessons.

When you sense fear, ask yourself why it is there. Your unconscious will give you an indication of its origin. Go to the beginning and see what you must do to rewrite your memory of the cause. You can then remove it as a hindrance to your future.

When your soul leaves the body, regardless of what it has done or completed it returns to the unconditional love of Source, which many call heaven. You don’t have to do anything special to return; it is Home – where you belong.

Resolving your remaining lessons can be done in a short period of time if you work at it; you don’t need fifty years. But you also don’t have to do anything if you don’t desire. You will still find yourself in unconditional love when you return Home.

An ideal mate

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I met a lovely man 4 years ago, and moved in with him. I found it hard because his adult children still live with him, and there was pressure to go to his parents for dinner 3 times a week, which I didn’t enjoy. I moved out in order to have my own life back. I received much disapproval for this, but I didn’t care because in my heart I know what I need. I don’t feel this man really loves me in a meaningful way – he gets annoyed when I talk about spiritual things. Do I expect too much from my relationships? I’m learning to be what I need for myself, to love myself, but I still want certain qualities in a partner. Should I let go of the idea of having an “ideal mate?” ~Katalin, Canada

ANSWER: An “ideal mate” is different for everyone and every circumstance. You have used very specific expectations to define yours. Expectations are very limiting because they don’t take into consideration the wishes of anybody but yourself. Add another person and expectations are impossible to fulfill.

You have been desperate in the past to have a mate – so much so that you have jumped at the first offer to pair up with someone. This “lovely man” was great when not in his environment. He didn’t give you a good idea of what you would be facing if you moved in with him. His whole life is his family and mama is still calling all the shots. He would do very well in a commune or group-living situation.

This man does not know what monogamous love is about. He does not differentiate between love for his parents, his children, or his woman. One is just as important as the other. You convinced yourself, prior to moving in, that he would change his allegiance once you were there. As you admit, he did not.

This is all about honoring yourself and what you need to feel good about yourself. Don’t give import to anything but your own feelings in this matter. There are other men out there who would enter a sharing relationship with you if you defined what you wanted before you began. Be brutally honest with yourself and with them before you commit.