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Giving power to others

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters…Why did the master that I had tell me to never believe in some spiritual beings or not channeling them? (why is he so powerful?) You also told me that I can hear my high self and my guides as my innate abilities I choose before coming. I feel that sometimes I want to share messages from my guides and high self on YouTube, but that my teacher’s opinion is still there preventing it. I respect his teachings because he helped to achieve my ‘I am’. I am blocking myself to go further in my path. Is this really my soul path to also share my channeling or should I be careful with it as he told me? Why sometimes I feel the stomach area warm? How can I stop this? ~Santa, Canada

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Teachers come when a student is ready to learn and move forward. When you start with a new teacher, to learn faster you give them your undivided attention and full faith and trust in everything they are saying. You saw this person as a master of all you did not know or understand, so you idolized him. He is so powerful over you because you have allowed this to occur. To change his impact, you merely need to take back the power you gave him over you.

In many learning situations there comes a point when the student becomes as knowledgeable as the teacher, and sometimes even more so. This person does not want students to recognize this, so he instilled certain rules and regulations that would not permit the student to advance beyond him.

Obtaining your own connection to guides who have the intelligence of Source energy is a threat to your teacher because he does not have the same contacts. As you have determined, the information they are channeling to you is very insightful and would be helpful to many people. You would, in turn, become a teacher, and your teacher wants to prevent this from happening.

The teachings that he imparted to you allowed you to reach the degree of awareness where you now stand. If you follow all his restrictions on getting messages from other sources instead of from him, you will cease to advance and may even regress.

During a spiritual journey, the most important thing to understand is that you are the only one who knows what the direction is for you. Rely on those things that resonate with you. Listen to your intuition to commune with your higher self and personal guides.

Your teacher is only human and subject to the ego judgment of the third dimension. The spirits you have been approached by are from the realm of unconditional love where there is no “better than” or “worse than.” Do what feels right for you.

The tension created by trying to stay “loyal” and at the same time following your instincts is causing your stomach distress. Honor your intuition and take steps to do what you desire, and all will return to balance.

Following your instinct to create reality

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve worked for the same employer for 23 years – in different roles. I had a burn out a year ago, and I’m still slightly depressed. I have a strong feeling that it’s time to move on, to quit my job and start a new life, create a career as self-employed. I have an idea that I ought to help my dear 70-year-old mother, who is a lightworker, seer and artist, to bring out and publish the spiritual material she does to greater awareness by online courses, audiobooks, e-books, videos, seminars etc. I also want to grow mentally and spiritually. I’m scared to quit my job and jump to unknown… Am I on the right track? How will my future look like? Shall my family and I cope financially if I choose the new path? Is this meant to happen? What do I need to do? ~Tytti, Finland

ANSWER: There are no absolutes on a spiritual journey; in other words, things are not preordained, and there is not only one way that you planned to proceed through life. Each soul has total freedom of choice as to how human life is accomplished. You are correct that you have completed everything that is possible in your current work environment.

When a person is switching from one mission into another, it can be done by stopping one and starting the next or it can be a gradual change. Since you have not been involved in creating a platform for your mother before, you should consider doing it one step at a time to see if it suits your work abilities and if it is what your mother needs. You could outline the programs to get a feeling for how to present them to draw in the most people. Any development could start in a piecemeal fashion.

Engaging in daily contact with this work will help you grow mentally and spiritually. Once you have found a way to present the materials, you will be able to see how the marketing would look. It is important to have a ready audience in order to realize a financial base for this business. There is a need for this type of teaching, but the presentation is vital to success. Working on the beginnings on a part-time basis will let you still bring in a salary while creating your empire. Soon you will find yourself able to switch and sell programs full time.

Life lessons and living in ego duality

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters after several years living abroad, I am back in my hometown for a visit. Today, for the second time in less than ten days, someone tried to alter the facts to an issue in which I was involved. I know there are two sides to every story, but I would love to understand how people can be so removed from what actually happened (in this case, there was video evidence). How can people have such different perceptions of the same facts? Why is this presenting itself to me? I feel hurt and disappointed about being misled and misinterpreted! ~Juliana, Switzerland

ANSWER: For life lessons this time around, you chose to study various ways to accept yourself, honor your decisions, develop faith in yourself, and not have concern for what other people think of you. This current situation is presenting you with the whole gambit of conditions that will assist you in this study. Human life takes place in the duality of the Earth world where the ego rules, and judgment is the way society determines “worth” and “success.”

Within this existence, each soul creates its own reality using beliefs that they accept as their truth. What is one person’s truth, based upon the beliefs by which they control their life, may be totally foreign to anyone else. If part of one’s belief system is that something can or cannot have occurred, then they are literally bound by that determination, unless or until they make the decision to change their set beliefs.

The people around you who are “remembering” things in a way other than they happened are being controlled by their own beliefs and also acceding to the beliefs that society has accepted as truth. When people want to be a part of something, they give up their own ideals and merge into the group to be counted as one of “them.”

One of your lessons, as mentioned above, is to not let the opinions of other people impact you when you believe that you are right and they are wrong. To stick with your knowledge and not be bothered by others is to honor your spiritual journey. You can be hurt by another only if you allow yourself to be. Don’t waste your time on disappointment because they don’t meet your expectations; just go with the flow of the universe and live your own life.