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How should I behave?

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters should I continue to tell people what I think and feel? What do I do in my healing sessions and in my personal life? I don’t want to mess with the free-will or evolution process of the others. Or even my own. Could you enlighten me about my boundaries? ~Lisa, Portugal

ANSWER: As you have suggested, every soul has freedom of choice. That freedom includes whether or not they follow the advice and direction of other souls sharing the planet with them. It is impossible to make someone do something unless they go along with the idea. Therefore, it is basically not possible to “make” someone alter their free will to comply with yours.

The evolutionary, or awakening, or enlightening process is determined by the belief systems that each individual adopts as the governing regulations by which they choose to exist and decide how they will perform their daily tasks. It is their determination if they think that they should do exactly as someone else has told them to – but that makes it their decision and their belief that it is the right thing for them.

As for yourself, it is only through making decisions that resonate with you that you see what you want to use as beliefs. That is the very process of finding out who you are and what potential you possess. One way to discover what you feel comfortable with regarding procedures dictating your lifestyle is to “claim” or voice them to another. That is what you call telling others what you think and feel.

It is not your responsibility to take credit or blame for what others do with the information that you provide them. In any healing session, the results are determined by a combination of the energy you bring through for their balancing of negative symptoms within their body and the way they accept and think about the possibility of a healing.

It can happen that you bring in the most intense and appropriate energy to “heal” a client, and because they have no faith that they will be healed, nothing changes. Or other times, a client will believe in the procedure during the treatment, but when they get home, they engage in the same practices that brought on the discomfort in the first place and snap right back to where they started before you assisted them.

Being yourself and having faith in your intuition, feelings, and discoveries is loving yourself for this life you have chosen.

What do relatives owe each other?

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve always felt unloved by my mother. After my father left us almost two decades ago, I supported her, and I had a house built for us both, which she hated. Three years ago, she moved to a sister of hers’ house in a town far from mine. Two months ago, I (44) was ill in hospital. I begged her (77) to come help me which she refused, and I broke off relations with her by phone. Three weeks later my aunt accidentally hit her with a car. After 28 days of unbelievable suffering in intensive therapy in hospital, she passed away on December 27. I was not able to go to her funeral. Why so much suffering for her? Has she ever loved me? Is she in a good place now? What was the lesson for us? I think I will go crazy, being treated for panic syndrome now. ~Daniela, Brazil

ANSWER: Stop being so hard on yourself and taking responsibility for the choices that your mother made. Your father left because he could not deal with her demands any longer. She wanted to be taken care of but refused to appreciate or even consider liking anything that was not her complete idea from the beginning.

She chose to be an unhappy, manipulative, negative person in this lifetime. She wanted to see how far she could push others to meet her desires. She was incapable of “love” because she did not know what it was. She felt no obligation to anybody but herself.

Secretly she liked the house you had built, but she could never tell you because that would mean she would have to admit you did something right – a concept she could not condone. You were becoming too independent for her and no longer feared her and catered to her every whim, so she left.

In the beginning after your father left, you felt abandoned and wanted to hold on to a degree of security, which was your remaining parent. You walked around afraid all the time that you could not please her, one of the reasons you assigned to your own behavior in partially blaming yourself for the departure of your father. As time went on and you became more confident that this had nothing to do with you, your mother felt her influence disappear.

As far as she was concerned, as soon as she left your house you no longer existed for her since you weren’t taking care of her any longer. So, when you called, it was like a stranger off the street asking for assistance, which she saw no reason to provide. For you, cutting the ties was honoring yourself and no longer putting up with her selfishness.

Her suffering through this life was based on choices she made. She chose to live a life completely in negative energy, without love or connection. She never saw you as worthy of love, even to the degree she understood it. She has returned to the unconditional love energy of Source but has still not allowed herself to integrate back into it. Her guides are assisting her.

You need to realize that everything is based on choices for lessons. One of your lessons was to finally see that there was nothing more you could do for the woman who was your mother, and to love yourself enough to walk away. Now let go of all the “what ifs” that are plaguing you, causing the panic. Love yourself, and love the soul that was inside your mother for the horrible lessons it subjected itself to during this life. Look for the love in your soul and in the world; be at peace.

Importance of religious beliefs

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters who’s Amitabha Buddha? and what’s his Western Bliss Pure Land? Why would souls want to go there? Why would souls from there come back to help those that are here and also help them go there? Why is difficult to go to this Pure Land in terms of blessings and karmas? What’s the connection between rebirth or going to this Pure Land, wheel of reincarnation and enlightenment on Earth, Pure Land and universe? How’s it related to ascension and new cycle? How important is it for people to go to this Pure Land? How important are his teachings for the current time? ~Vicky, USA

ANSWER: The Amitabha Buddha was a self-given name for a soul who during his physical life reached his goal of self-enlightenment. He formed a type of Buddhism for others to follow wherein he promised them that if they followed the path he had completed, they would join him in a land of pure bliss. It dates back many centuries, being particularly popular in China and Japan but censured in Tibet and Nepal for many of its practices and promises.

This is an organized religion, as is Catholicism or Evangelical Christianity. When you follow an organization, you accept the promises as being the ultimate reward for strictly adhering to their tenets. This is a perfectly acceptable method of learning what it is you seek in fulfillment but should never replace your freedom of choice to do what resonates with you.

Reincarnation is the process by which a soul chooses to undertake a physical life during which to learn lessons. It allows them to consistently return to try something new or to perfect their understanding of a specific issue. Once in a human body, the soul has to decide what beliefs they are going to follow to reach their destination. They may choose each one individually or enter into a religion that tells them what to do regardless of how they feel about the instructions. Many people need to be influenced by the demands of others so that they might see they don’t agree with the beliefs of these others and need to make up their own minds about things.

These teachings are important for you if you “feel” this is a good direction for you to take. Choices such as those presented for the rewards promised are accessible within the third dimension containing the duality of negative and positive but not available at Home in the unconditionally loving energy of pure positivity.

Seeking the “Pure Land” as envisioned by the Amitabha Buddha is possible only if you follow his practices religiously. Give up your 21st-century knowledge and seek what satisfied those living centuries ago – when people had no formal education and believed/had faith in what was told to them by others without questioning if they had any other choice.

Your question shows you have explored far and wide the way to finding out who you are and what abilities you possess. Continue your search and then follow your feelings.