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Who is in charge?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters my husband and I had a very tumultuous relationship but we were on the way to perhaps having a breakthrough. He passed away tragically and very traumatically 3 months ago. I feel that being with him in this marriage was the ultimate purpose in my life. Now, I feel truly adrift and wonder what happens when something like this happens. A psychic told me my husband was not ‘scheduled’ to go now but that I should give this grieving some time and I will be ok. Can I end this life? Can our lives be ended if our original purpose is not completed through someone else’s actions? ~Su, Singapore

ANSWER: Each soul is in charge of their own life. They have complete freedom of choice to decide when to come, when to leave, and what they wish to experience. They can change their mind during the lifetime and move things around to have different experiences than originally planned, but the actions of another do not influence the things they desire to do unless they consent to change their mind.

The “time” a soul transitions back to spirit form is determined by them alone. They don’t leave too early or too late for their spiritual purpose. What the human mind states is the desire of the human ego, which is not privy to the spiritual journey of that soul. So the human may be saying “I’m not ready to go,” while the soul says “this is where I want to leave so that I can complete the lessons and agreements I made prior to coming.”

You and your husband had an agreement to be lesson givers for each other. You also agreed that at some point in your marriage he would abruptly leave so that you would have time to explore your own reasons for being here without considering that you have to be a part of a couple. You have spent so much time concerned only about your marriage that the rest of life, and all its possibilities, never came into your awareness.

As we have said, a soul has total control of their life and they can leave when they want. Most people don’t even recognize that they are souls having a spiritual human journey, so they are not cognizant of lessons and their status of completion. Examine what is going on around you, because you will draw to yourself things you desire to experience. You have plenty more you wished to do, but you are in the driver’s seat. Staying or leaving is up to you.

Dealing with “aftermaths”

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I met my twin a year ago. I understand there might be some confusion around this theme but I am positive he was my twin flame. What a ride it has been ever since! Basically two complete idiots bumped in to each other and awakened something in ourselves. The issue right now is that I hate him. I feel rage when I think of this man: How could he? What we experienced was so ugly towards me. I am beyond hurt. Will this storm ever settle? Both have been dealing with addictions, I am dealing with my substance abuse but have no idea how he is doing on his sex addiction – if he even has lifted a finger to deal with it. He does not want to communicate at all. Can I ever be happy with another man knowing my twin flame is also incarnated on Earth? ~Ann, Norway

ANSWER: First off, he was not your twin. Had he been your twin the two of you would have had such fantastic energy together that it would have outshone your addictions and they would have been put aside. Just being together would have been all you desired, and you wouldn’t have wanted anything chemically to keep you from feeling each other’s energy.

What happened here was a case of each of you facilitating the other’s addiction. He did everything he thought you wanted, by seeing that you got what you desired for your addiction, in exchange for using your body to satisfy his addiction. He took advantage of you in all sorts of circumstances and frequently against your will. You kept allowing and forgiving him because you convinced yourself he was your twin flame. This is a notion that he enhanced every time he could.

Your anger is understandable, both because he tricked and abused you and because you cannot forgive yourself for letting it continue for so long. Put it aside with the knowledge that you can change any future contact with men. Forgive yourself because you now know it can’t happen again unless you allow it to.

Even if your twin flame were incarnate at the same time as you, there is nothing to say that the two of you had planned even to meet up. You are not restricted by the presence of any soul on the planet. Decide how you want the rest of your life to occur.

Fears and doubts are the indication that you are facing a lesson you wished to experience. Use those signs to examine what is holding you from moving forward. Put together a dream for your future and then manifest it into your life.

Losing individuality after death

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been brought up in a spiritual household, my mum is a medium and a lot of what is on your site doesn’t alarm me as it’s just the way it is and excites me. It makes me want to make sure I’m living a true life to learn and grow spiritually. However, all this said, I can’t get my head around the thought that we are all a piece of the source, we are all individuals and this is what worries me, I don’t want to lose my own individual consciousness when I return to spirit and go back to my soul group or to the source. Is this the case? ~Jonathan, UK

ANSWER: Simply said, NO! Source is the point of origin of all souls, but you have a uniqueness because of the things you have chosen to do on your own since being broken off from Source. Think of it as if Source were your parent. You have all the same DNA from Mom and Dad that creates characteristics, but you are not them even if you live in the same house, share the same employment, and have the same hobbies and likes, because you have your individual experiences. Even identical twins are different because they are observing the world through their own eyes and ears and interpreting it based on their individual conclusions.

Returning Home (to Source) means only that you leave the third-dimensional duality and re-enter unconditional love. Rejoining Source or your soul group is like attending a school reunion – you all can’t wait to relate to the group what you have learned and experienced that now makes you different from the way you were before you parted.

Each soul has a record of everything they have ever done, which is called their akashic record. This reminds you of your differences from all the other souls. Source broke off souls so that it could find out what it was not. If the plan was to merge back into Source, it would still not be able to see what it was not because it would only see its own perfection within the unconditional love and not life within the duality of a mix of negative and positive.