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Nighttime adventures

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your continued efforts in aiding humanity. I was told that while I am asleep I have been teleporting and time travelling. This would seem to be something I am not entirely privy to, as I have little recollection of such things – though I have woken up feeling drained. What I was told makes sense to me, but I am trying to learn just how accurate my feelings are. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if what I was told is accurate, and if so what I can do to further understand this ability. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Physical bodies have a requirement for a resting, restorative phase, but the soul needs no such time out. While the human aspects are sleeping, the soul does a number of things. Some of these ventures are merely revisiting companions from other lifetimes and experiences mostly taking place in other time or dimensional phases, and others are undertaking new adventures in which the soul takes a part of the current physical body along, or at least the consciousness.

When part of your current consciousness accompanies the traveling soul, this is known within many nationalities and metaphysical concepts as out-of-body experience, astral travel, astral projection, soul travel, and/or remote viewing. Your body may choose to take an active part in the journey, which results in a physical excursion, or may just “be there” as in a telepathic observance.

As with your dream state, such experiences are fleeting to your memory unless you prepare to catalogue the trips as part of your consciousness. At the very least, you need to remind yourself as you enter sleep, deep meditation, or self-hypnosis that you wish to remember what you are about to experience.

Practicing techniques such as remote viewing or astral travel from a semi-conscious state in meditation or self-hypnosis will give you more control and comfort in what occurs during sleep. You can have fantastic experiences once you reach a comfort level and begin to “direct” where your soul goes and in what it engages.

Balancing human existence

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I love reading your teachings, they do resonate with me. You often tell people that they can do whatever they want in this life, it is their choice. My problem – I do not know what I want. I currently do not have a “calling”… I had those before, and I followed them, and got very good at these skills, but I feel stuck now, and just follow routine and procrastinate when I have free time…How do I figure out what I really want? Things I love – international travel, taking pictures, shopping, eating out, dressing up – do not pay bills or can be considered “work”, I really love being a tourist, free from any work or obligations…Does it make me a horrible person? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: You may do whatever they want in your journey, but, as you have pointed out, if you don’t know what the options are, you really have no choices. A calling, which you seek, is a very individualized event requiring action and active participation. This is something that pulls you through life. You must first be totally open to all possibilities before you will hear or feel this invitation to join in.

As you have seen from your own experience, a person may have a number of callings. It is not uncommon to follow one, have it no longer hold its appeal, and then move on to something else. When you have had so many opportunities to discover yourself, it becomes harder to get excited by anything new.

A soul has no requirements for various activities during a human experience, and what you do is completely up to you – including choosing to do nothing! Spiritually, nothing is right or wrong. There are no judgments, so whatever your choice, no one declares you horrible or magnificent.

You are aware of the things that are pulling at you at the moment but just haven’t figured out a way to make them work for you. Many companies hire people to do shopping, eatery evaluation, and recording the world through pictures, and it can be quite lucrative if you become good at it by their standards. When it comes to travel, any company that offers trips to the public needs those who go along and trouble-shoot for clients. Cruise ships have huge staffs, sometimes one for every two passengers, to make the journey enjoyable. Meditate on the possibilities. But you can still do nothing if that resonates with you, and no one will penalize you for it.

Understanding the rejection

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters what is this theme of rejection in relationships that keeps running through my life? For a long time, a drive towards a partner was more about lack and trying to fulfil unmet needs, not a true heart-based good feeling. Of late, it feels good to draw someone in to share with and grow. But both connections this year quickly ended in the same result – rejection. This theme has become boring, but I seem to draw it to me no matter what. Is this a theme to work through? Is it a sign that attempting to connect to anyone is not my path in this life? I am prepared for the possibility that a relationship on this level in this lifetime may not happen, but my conscious choice would like to experience otherwise. ~CR, Australia

ANSWER: As with all souls, you did not set up specific conditions for your learning of lessons. It may be that you end up without connecting with someone in a lasting, romantic, sharing way, or you may understand the lessons of rejection and clear your way for such a connection. It is up to you whether and how fast you unravel the feelings you have.

The period of your life in which you spent your time having sexual exploits without any real concern for your partner or why you were doing it, outside of the physical release you desired, created a pattern of behavior of which you have not totally rid yourself. Within your energy is an egotism that does not indicate you are interested in sharing. It says you are in any contact for what you alone can get out of it.

Regardless of the fact that you think you have changed the way you approach a potential partner, your expectation precedes your actions. When you enter into a new association, your fear of rejection is always with you. You amp up your intensity to show them what a great person you are, and the result is that they feel the union is all about you.

A heartfelt communication is missing in all your attempts. It is so important to you for them to feel your need to create a sharing relationship that you over-talk them. Before saying anything, stop and reach out with your senses. What does the energy around you two feel like? Is there hesitancy, fear, intrigue, selfishness, or selflessness? Take your cues for your conduct by what you feel.

Put aside expectations and anticipations and just go with the flow of the world around you. If you sense fear or doubts, stop and ask your unconscious what is causing these feelings. The lessons you have not faced or learned from will be the answer. Address the issues originating from yourself before you open up to a sharing, and you will no longer frighten off people – which will prevent rejection.