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Spiritual unable to control physical

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have been steadily, consciously and intentionally raising my vibration by trying to live a more spiritual life. I try to treat others as I would like them to treat me. Everything in my life is so perfect: I’m retired at a young age with a decent pension, I babysit my 2 beautiful granddaughters on a part-time basis, I have a loving mate with a supportive long term relationship. But I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I cannot seem to lose weight no matter how hard I try. All of the old ways I used to use in order to drop weight no longer work. I am starting to wonder if this health and weight aspect of my life was a pre-chosen issue. Can you please shed some light on this for me? Did I choose this battle prior to incarnating or what is the purpose of this extremely frustrating aspect of my
enlightenment? ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: You have an issue about controlling aspects of your life and environment. Frustration arises when you have a preconceived notion or expectation of how you want something to work and it does not. The human body is constantly changing. As it ages, some of its parts do not function as they did when the body was in its 20s and 30s. This creates a new set of trials and tribulations for you to work out as additional life lessons.

An older body does not process nutrition in the same way and with the same speed as a younger, more vibrant body. The amount of exercise you get after retirement may seem like almost the same as before but it never is. Your “battle” is to figure out how the pieces of your life fit together to allow you to have a full life in a different manner from before.

Take a look at your weight as a challenge that has not been faced before – because in truth it is a different setup from when you were younger. The body does not need as much food as when it ran almost 24/7, but it needs just about as much exercise. The workout will look different: walking, leisurely bike riding, aqua aerobics, or yoga.

Get a fitness monitor and capture the amount of movement you have in a day. Then set a goal for yourself that is slightly higher than what you have been doing. Revisit the goal every week or so, getting more active each time. Keep a food journal so you can see what you consume. Note what is nutritious and what is merely pleasurable and then balance them out.

Each creates their own reality

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, lately I have experienced a lot of negativity from people who have been close to me (my husband’s family). Although I have tried to be selfless and giving, people have been really judgmental, pointing out only negative in me. Even my husband seems to have been affected by this negativity. He has been lately extremely rigid. I feel stifled and have been overwhelmed with the thoughts of suicide or running away from this all. And at the same time I am experiencing a
passionate affair with my new love. He too reciprocates my feelings but he understands the societal limits and tries to keep me free from blemishes/scandal; but I can sense that his feelings are genuine and intense and he was my husband in another lifetime. I feel lost right now and finding hard to cope. ~Anuraj, India

ANSWER: All souls bring to themselves what they had planned to experience during their lifetime. You create your own reality by what you think, desire, and do. When you are living a lie, you are projecting the energy of your deceit outward and feeling it as it comes back at you.

You are hiding your affair so that no one knows, but the way you are acting is creating negativity around you. People sense that you no longer are the obedient and loving wife. You no longer see your husband as desirable, and that makes him respond by being standoffish and restrained. He doesn’t feel love being directed toward him, so why should he respond with a loving attitude?

Just as you have not been honest with people about your desires, you seek to hide from your own actions by talking of suicide or running away. Meditate on your life. What do you want for your future? Do you wish to live between two different lives, not feeling comfortable in either one, or do you want to choose one and dedicate yourself to it?

Talk to your lover and see if he desires to commit to you. Ask yourself if this is a future with which you can live. Stop living two lives that are incompatible. Stop spreading negativity with your deceit. The negativity all originates from you.

Enlightenment and unconditional love

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have a question. You said “Lighting is the transition from the third dimension ego judgment to unconditional love.” Okay. You also have said that “all souls after they die return to the Home (Unconditional Love). Given this, what is the purpose of being here on Earth? Learning lessons and “light”? If it is, why anyone would come here instead of returning to Unconditional Love, whether learning or not the lessons? ~Imaji, Brasil

ANSWER: The term you are looking for is “enlightenment,” which means the process a soul having a human experience goes through on Earth to gain the wisdom of its own essence, which is unconditional love. A soul living in unconditional love doesn’t have any idea what that really means, because it has never wanted for anything. When you always feel and see nothing but perfection, you cannot understand what that means since you have never experienced imperfection or the desire for something different. If you always live in a climate that is comfortable, you don’t understand how stifling heat or freezing temperatures would affect your human flesh.

Souls come to Earth to understand what the opposite of perfection really is, and whether they can recognize it and work with it. These are their life lessons. The lessons all come in the guise of negativity, and once people understand how to turn from the negative to the positive, they lean toward their unconditional love and then know how to create it in all aspects of the human experience.

When souls or people do the same things day in and day out with no variety, they become bored and lazy. The same can be said of always being in perfection, having no challenges and new experiences. That is why souls leave the unconditional love of Home and come to Earth to have a human existence to test their wisdom and abilities to cope with negativity. They know they can always return Home.