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Changing another

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters two of my three sons are alcoholic, talented, wonderful people, whose personalities have changed drastically, and as a mother it is devastating to deal with. I am in my seventies, and suffer so much hurt from their behavior, especially since we used to be close and happy in their younger years. They are now in their forties and fifties. I also feel guilty about my sons because they had to experience constant criticism from their father, as I did also. He basically just did as he wished and was gone most of the time while the boys were growing up, causing terrible pain for all of us. I love all three sons, and want to know what I can do to bring healing for all of us. Especially for my oldest who can be very cold and cruel to me. ~Ann, USA

ANSWER: Your sons are finding their way through their chosen life lessons. It was no mistake that they came into a family with the nature of the father they had – just as it was no mistake that you married the man and continued to put up with his abuse for all the years that you did. All of you were dealing with issues of self-worth and self-love.

When you let another treat you in a disrespectful, mean-spirited way, you are saying that you feel they are more important than you are and that you do not value yourself. You stuck with the situation because you felt you had no other choice and never really gave any energy to finding a different path.

It is possible for you to heal yourself and the way you interpret your life, but it is impossible to do anything for the boys unless they are willing to look at the entire lifetime and release the anger, guilt, and hatred of themselves and their father. Each soul must come to grips with the lessons they chose and what they were able to learn from them.

Alcohol is a great way to hide. You can go into the bottle and blunt any feelings that are uncomfortable. This is the reason your sons are alcoholic – they don’t want to remember what happened to them. If they would allow themselves to go beyond the guilt for not saying or doing anything when they were younger, they could release the continuing pain and not need the bottle.

Your oldest son blames you for the way his father treated him because he thinks you should have done something to rescue them. He feels this way because, for him, it is better than assigning the blame to himself for not trying to help out. All you can do is send them unconditional love that they may resolve these negative feelings and find happiness again.


Freedom of choice controls all

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters tell me about karma. What I can answer to the spiritual person who strongly believes in karma. How souls choose their life lessons? How souls decide when they don’t come to earth anymore? What is ‘big plan’ behind earth experience? Is free will always in use (not karma)? ~Riitta, Finland

ANSWER: Karma is a belief system that forms the basis of most of the Eastern religions. Karma is based on societal ego judgment and the need for punishment to be given to those who don’t comply with the desires of society. It has been adopted in Western society so people have something to blame for the negative things that occur to them, instead of admitting that these are things they chose to learn from.

People will change their beliefs only when they accept that those beliefs are not the way they wish to live their life. It is much easier to rely on the rules and regulations of an organized group than to evaluate how they feel about each and every action in their world. If they believe karma rules their world, you cannot dissuade them.

Along with a belief in karma comes the lack of understanding that your planet is a duality of negative and positive, and that once you leave that place, there is only unconditional love. In positive love energy, negativity that is needed to continue karmic punishments cannot exist.

Souls decide on a plan they wish to follow when they get ready to come into a body. They may want to deal with anger, abuse, control, or a combination of issues. They set up who their parents are going to be, where they are going to live, what their sex will be, and may even make contracts with other souls to enter their lives at critical times in order to complete certain lessons.

Every phase of the soul’s journey is controlled by them through the use of freedom of choice. They may end, or change their mind about, a lesson at will. Whether they want to return to Earth after their many experiences there is totally up to them. No one else has any direct control over a soul’s plans but them. Free will reigns.

Controlled abuse

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I was in a relationship for 5 years and was depressed from the beginning. One year ago he fell in love with another woman and proposed we both had a relationship with him. I agreed, not without suffering. At the beginning it was a good experience for me because I always had doubts about my sexuality. After some time living this triad relationship I started being very depressed and yesterday I broke up with them. I was not recognizing myself anymore. They are still together and he is living with me because he doesn’t have money to live by himself. I can see he is suffering a lot now but I don’t know if it’s in my hands to help him. Did I make the right choice to break up this relationship? Honestly I’m feeling I have control of my life for the first time in years. ~Tatiane, Brazil

ANSWER: Your depression should have told you immediately that something was not right with the relationship. When people are depressed, they have no strong impression of who they are or what their choices for life may be. They are more easily controlled by others and give those others their power to decide things.

Why are you still allowing this insensitive, cheating, narcissistic oaf to remain in your house? He is still using you even though you have disowned his ménage. He does not have the means to provide for himself because he is too busy finding ways to use women instead of securing decent employment. We appreciate that you had feelings for him and feel sorry for him since he cannot afford his own place, but why don’t you just bring in any homeless, penniless person from the streets? Some of them would be so grateful they would treat you like a queen, not a possession.

Start to honor yourself – love yourself for who you are. Make the rules for your own house – you pay the bills. You don’t recognize yourself because you are letting him define you. Create the type of person you desire to be. Don’t give any more attention, time, or money to this jerk. Go out and meet someone who will respect you and want a singular sharing relationship. You deserve it and are worth it.