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Being human living in society

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, although, as a couple, we love each other, we seem to be struggling to let go of our ego and move to an unconditionally loving relationship. Are we missing something here? Is this a repeat of a previous pattern we haven’t mastered? Your insight into what might help is appreciated. ~D., UK

ANSWER: Unconditional love is a hard thing to find when you are still in a physical body and dealing with the third-dimensional duality. That type of love is easy to find when there is no negativity around and you never have a need to judge, rate, or grade someone else’s behavior. In other words, any place but on Earth!

Everything that you do is done within the realm of a society that contributes rules and regulations to your everyday behavior, whether or not you accept them as being a part of your personal belief system. You would get the opinion of family, friends, and colleagues about the way the two of you live your lives if not in strict compliance with societal norms. This is not bad if you feel comfortable with it.

To live your lives in unconditional love would be to allow (with acceptance) your partner to do whatever they wish to do whenever they wish to do it. That would include having affairs with other people, spending all your money, selling your favorite things, and not paying any attention to what you have to say, while you sit by unconditionally loving that they have the right to do such things.

Doesn’t sound so good now, does it? The spiritual path to enlightenment and being closer to your true self as a soul – a piece of Source – is to shed as much negativity as you possibly can and place your egoist judgment on hold. Every time you sense you are judging your partner, step back and ask what it is that is causing you to do so. Fears and doubts point the way to life lessons you came to work through, confront, and send on their way. This will help both of you grow.

This “difficulty” you perceive has nothing to do with past lives except that searching for the spiritual path is the purpose for coming to Earth in the first place. You are doing very well with this journey since you have identified ego as a problem and are examining what being free of ego would mean to you.

Keep at your work and you will get as close to unconditional love, on Earth, as is possible without compromising who you are.

Tuning into Mother Earth

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am grateful for any help you can give and must say thank you for all the help you give us. My question may be simple but still has me confused. Whenever I take the time and sit down out in my back yard after playing with the dog Luna and really listen to nature while admiring the sky, I hear the local minor birds and lorikeets chirping, calling and playing. And as I listen my ears begin thumping, like a vibration drumming on my eardrum. And I was curious as to what this could be, could it be something as simple as tinnitus or other. It mainly occurs when I concentrate on the birds. ~Richard, Australia

ANSWER: Vibrations are everywhere in nature. The Earth has its own frequency, which can be felt within the body if you relax enough to feel it. Your body has its own vibrational field and, the more open and sensitive you become, can join the frequencies around it from nature and the Earth.

Every living thing has a constantly changing energy it sends out, depending on its mood and interaction with others. When you concentrate on the sounds of the birds, and nature around you, your body responds by joining the symphony. Your thumping is the way your body replies to what it is feeling.

Science has been able to measure and record various frequencies that are common to the planet and to things in nature such as living animals and growing plants. Within the cosmos, each planet has its own vibrational frequency that affects everything with which it comes into contact.

For example, solar flares emanating from the sun send vibrational frequency impulses flowing toward Earth, which interfere and interact with electrical devices. Most people are unaware of nature’s signatures unless they open themselves to listening to the chorus.

Try concentrating on other aspects in nature and see what else there is with which to connect. Enjoy.

Looking for love in comfort

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have a big issue related to food and anxiety. I know what is good for my body and some periods (2-4 months) I eat right, controlled, losing weight, and I feel good with my physical body and emotions. But then, something happens, like a travel, problem in school or job, end of a relationship, and then I change my relation with food in a way it makes me feel so bad with me, my body and emotions, I feel always so full, more and more food, and I just can’t control. Why I’ve been doing this for so many years? ~Giovanna, Brazil

ANSWER: Your problem is all about learning to love yourself and understanding your need for finding comfort. You seek to be loved and understood when you sense the world is against you, so you turn to food, which has always been there to comfort you and make you feel good. It is your substitute for love received from others and from yourself.

The unfortunate part is that it appeases the need for immediate comfort, but then reminds you that you are out of control because of this unconscious reaction to life. You then have another reason to be upset, since you now want to criticize yourself for this automatic response that occurs without any contribution from a consciously made decision.

To see why you always react this way to stressors, return to your childhood and examine the pattern that was established for you by your family. When and how were you rewarded for the triumphs in life? How did your family compensate for difficulties? You were programmed to see food as the only constantly available comfort zone.

You need to create for yourself a substitute for food – and we don’t mean as a nutritional stand-in. Your body craves coziness. Try placating it with soothing music, meditation, visualization, or self-hypnosis. When you feel your world falling apart, instead of reaching for food, project yourself into a comforting, safe-feeling place to rest and recoup. Find music or a meditative vibration that you can feel working throughout your body to chase away the negative, abrasive demand for food. Have it ready to play whenever you sense strife arising. Find peace and relaxation in the musical resonance without the need for the addition of food.