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Romantic feelings

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have been spiritual since I was a child. Focusing on personal growth, following the signs of the universe, and meditating since the age of 13, I am in my mid 30s now. I believe recently that I have met my twin flame which I did not know until after we separated. My life has shifted and I feel like I am becoming better and am serving others. I am thankful I met him, however, I find myself wanting and missing him terribly. I cannot contact him because I do not feel the need to intuitively; he vanished and he must conquer ego is what I feel. I want my spirituality to continue to grow and I want to follow my path, so does this intense feeling (visions, dreams, soul wrenching pain) ever go away? It has thrown my spirituality into unbalanced state. Nothing seems to help. ~Danielle, US

ANSWER: You did not meet your twin flame because if you had, you would not have separated so easily. You built up a whole dream world around him and ascribed characteristics to him which you only now believe existed. He came into your life so that you may examine love in various situations.

You were very comfortable in the relationship and hesitate to open yourself to the prospect of another. You are hiding under the shadow of your continued remembrances and projections of what you think existed; that is why you cannot break out of the pattern of wanting to return to that energy.

Spiritual growth is defined by accomplishing the lessons you chose to learn, which results in replacing all the negative ego judgment from your life with unconditionally loving, positive choices. The intense feelings that you are experiencing have to do with ego and judgment issues you have not completed.

You feel a sense of betrayal, abandonment, and abuse from your past relationship. You feel unfulfilled because you gave him everything you thought he wanted, and yet he left. You feel a sense of guilt that he left because of you. You need to examine that sensation, see that it isn’t true, and then let it go. With it will go a lot of the intense feelings that are haunting you.

One lesson from this is to see that giving your choices to another drains you of energy and self-worth. Never do something just because you think the other person will reciprocate with love. Honor yourself and your individual journey. Every time you feel sad or bad, ask your unconscious what is causing it. Go to the event and see if it really belongs to you or to your imagination of what was. If you don’t need it, send it on its way.

Black magic and polygamy

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters in Africa, black magic and polygamy is common experience. What is your stance on polygamy and black magic? ~Akbar, Nigeria

ANSWER: In the spiritual journey that a soul takes on Earth, nothing is right or wrong from the spiritual standpoint. The entire reason for being in a body is to experience lessons and try to understand why you chose them and what you can learn from going through them.

Planet Earth is a duality of equal parts negative and positive energy. Lessons are presented in negativity so that the soul can recognize what they are and decide if they want to remain in the negativity, or if they want to take the positive route away from the darkness.

Many souls choose to have a lifetime immersed in negativity to experience control over others. Examples of these types of lives are dictators, mass and serial murderers, and those who prey on others using various methods including black magic.

True black magic is the use of energy to take over the decision-making process from others, or to cause physical, mental, and emotional harm to someone. It is a lesson just like any other – we make no judgements about the way a soul chooses to learn. Every soul has freedom of choice.

Polygamy practiced by consenting adults is a life choice. Again, on the spiritual plane, nothing is right or wrong; such choices are all merely various ways to experience lessons. Practitioners need to be aware of whether or not they are going against the societal regulations for the area in which they live. The choice to engage in polygamy is still theirs, but they may be liable for punishment under the laws in the third-dimensional, ego-judgmental society.

Goals and missions

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I found my love. Now, I seek my mission. What is my mission in this life on earth? I ask because I have old goals that can not materialize or perform as I wish. These objectives are in line with my mission? I feel the desire to be bigger and better now, be truly server and useful. This creates a very great anxiety and I know that hinders me, how to control it? This feeling has to do with past lives? With all my heart, I would like to know, Masters what is keeping me from being all my potential and realize my true mission on earth? ~Rafael, Brazil

ANSWER: A soul’s mission, purpose, goal in life, or whatever you want to call it, is to complete the lessons they chose for this life, to know themselves as a soul, and to bring forth the innate powers and abilities that being a piece of Source energy provides. Each person’s existence is for them alone to accomplish all these tasks. You have no obligation to have an effect on anybody’s life but your own, because everyone is learning through using their own freedom of choice.

Most people have been led to believe that everyone has a mission to be of service to others. That is a societal and religious belief perpetrated so that those organizations do not have to provide services that they can get someone else to think they must deliver.

Your old goals were specific expectations that you believed were necessary for you to grow in a spiritual manner. Any expectation creates limitations in your life, because unless you fulfill every aspect of it exactly as you envisioned it, you feel you have not succeeded.

Anxiety arises when you believe you have an obligation to do something and you feel you are not able to do it. Relax; go with the flow of the universe. It will present to you those things that you previously chose to understand and will never give you more than you are able to handle.

None of your past lives brought difficulties into this life – don’t use that idea as an excuse for being unable to identify a passion. You are the stumbling block to moving forward. Stop paying attention to what society and people tell you that you should do.

Always rely on your feelings about a situation and a change in direction. Don’t stay stuck in one place. See what the potential is around you and jump into whatever appears. Search for some activity that draws you into it – that will be your passion. This is your life to live and direct. Be concerned with yourself first in all that you do.