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Taoist or Indian Kundalini energy?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I met a Taoist master and studied for 1.5 years until I got scared to be gay (therapist told me it’s not balanced and healthy) and went to chant at Indian kundalini energy guru path. My kundalini got opened. I didn’t understand what this meant I stopped Indian path and returned to the Taoist until I had a kundalini opening last June that turned my life upside down. I feel that the Taoist path was what my soul planned for me. Because of fear and misinformation I had been on the wrong spiritual path. I now have Kundalini rising upward within the 7 chakra system. Taoist way is different with 3 tan tiens. I feel lost and scared to be on a path I don’t feel I belong to, but have energy I have to surrender to. Perhaps, I’m not seeing a bigger picture? ~Michael, United States

ANSWER: The bigger picture is following what you feel about your spiritual growth. Every religion, individual spiritual practice, societal belief system, and racial/national characteristic set is different. That does not mean that one is any better or more enlightened than any other.

Your life is about discernment and clarity. Discernment is examining all aspects of something and evaluating the best solution for your journey. Clarity is being able to see the essence of something without being fooled or swayed by terminology or the beliefs of others. You see things only as “wholes.” You cannot see the similarity in the particular parts.

In the physical body, the chakras and the tan tiens are merely two different ways to concentrate on the physical by using specific locations. Step back, away from the structured beliefs, and realize that the sensations within the body of the rising of the Kundalini are identical if you don’t try to name the pathway. This is part of your realization or discernment.

Before coming to Earth, you did not say you would follow this method or that method of spiritual practice; you merely said you wanted to experience the Kundalini energy. You may see the rising as different within the two practices, but it is not. You are further along in your understanding than you were during the first event.

You have done exactly as you wanted by having various experiences in order to compare and contrast them. They both create the same result. It is like learning different languages and then using both of them in different parts of your life. Concentrate on the resulting sensations within your body, not on how someone else may refer to the process. This is your life.

Family interaction

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I am married and have particular difficulty understanding the relationship of my husband with my youngest son, I am extremely attached and I  cannot take part unless I make the effort to do whatever they want, but that does not make part my nature, what happens in this relationship which my function in this relationship?   I have 3 children, I love very much my children, but I have no attachment to them, I am guiding them, I also like that with everyone else, totally detached. Is there something wrong with me in this regard? ~Tais, Swizerland

ANSWER: You see your children as possessions and are jealous of the close personal relationship that exists between your youngest and your husband. You have a fear that your son can only love one of you, and you have to insinuate yourself between husband and son to feel safe. Your son loves both of you, but you are beginning to worry him with your possessiveness.

You do not accept or love yourself and can love another only to the degree you feel love for yourself. Acceptance is what will provide any attachment or sense of belonging in a family. You see only yourself and do not see or feel the needs of any of the other members of your family.

It is not wrong to be unable to attach to or attract other people, but it limits the life lessons you can learn. Lack of interaction puts you on the outside of any situation, merely observing and not able to take part. It is possible to see how others are learning their lessons, but you have no actual experience.

One of your life lessons was to be able to see that you “stood apart” from the rest of the world and to decide what, if anything, you wished to do about it. You can spend this entire existence as an observer, or you can choose to open to others and start interacting with them.

You have a barrier around yourself that prevents you from feeling anyone else. As long as this remains, your sensitivity is shielded from the energy around you and others. To open or remove this blockage, you must want to remove it. You must reach out and touch the energy that exists. You will be able to feel both the positive, loving energy and the negative, disruptive energy. Feeling this, you can choose that which you want to have in your life and push away what you don’t desire. This will allow you to attach to those from whom you feel love.


Not accepting involvement

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I am in a fantastic process of self-knowledge and awareness and I feel very happy about it. My life came full of lessons, but always around me, never me directly. I never be afraid to get involved intensely and face changes. But I realize that after a quiet period, happens something new for me to deal with my anxiety and patience, it is not my problem but “the other” (Family, Love, stepdaughter). I am correct in my thinking? I need to pay attention to something special? ~Daniele, Brazil

ANSWER: You need to step into reality. The reason you always sensed the lessons were for everyone else and never for you was that you were holding yourself back from truly feeling anything. Being a witness of others’ lessons is a way to see possibilities, but you cannot learn and understand.

The fear, anxiety, and impatience are an indication of “your” lessons. These sensations are signposts that a lesson is staring you in the face. They are your problems, as you say. They are your lessons.

Whenever you feel one of these fears or doubts, stop and ask yourself why this feeling has come to you. Your higher self, or unconscious, will give you a sense of its origin. Once you know from where it arose, you can confront the situation and work through the energy until you understand how it affects your life.

Live in the moment and reach out to each situation presented to you. Always ask yourself how you feel about it, not what you think about it. If you spend all your time in your mind where everything has been pre-judged, such as that these problems all belong to someone else, you will become stagnant and blocked from any forward movement.

You need to open yourself to your vulnerability, the realization that you are not perfect and that you have lessons with which to deal. Everyone has total freedom of choice, so it is all right if you do not choose to confront your lessons. Just know that you will not be able to grow in wisdom if you avoid them.