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Who speaks for the animals?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, many animals are reared in bad conditions and eaten without thought of the suffering involved. Are such animals without choice and merely sacrificial within the scheme of things? Or is a higher purpose involved? Why so little emphasis on love and compassion for all living beings? ~Jerry, UK

ANSWER: Rarely does a soul choose to live as a domesticated animal, and then only with full knowledge of the history of that species upon the planet. Most animals, and plants for that matter, are animated by a spark of energy rather than by a soul. Those sparks are not sentient and therefore don’t have the emotions, consciousness, perception, sensitivity, and feelings of a soul.

The human body, chosen for covering the soul in this Earth experience, was selected for its physical, mental, and emotional sensitivities. Humans require nutritional input frequently. The first generations were hunter-gatherers who lived only by what they could find or kill. It took centuries to develop ways to produce food that was easily attainable: breeding animals and growing crops.

Once life-sustaining issues were dealt with, humans began to explore their reason for being alive – what we now call spiritual purpose discovered through a spiritual awakening. As part of this insightful study they had the time to think about things around them that were not just needed to survive. People became involved in societies, religious doctrines, intellectual and philosophical discussions. They gave thought to people and things outside themselves and tried to justify their purpose and existence within his world.

Everyone is on an individual journey and can be involved in as many issues as desired. However, one soul can have no impact on the beliefs of another unless that other chooses to change beliefs. A number of the points you have brought up deal with life lessons that some of these souls are working on. Understand that this is their path. Send them love that they may find the answers they need to fulfill their task.

Assuming responsibility

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, you may remember your reply to me 4 years ago after I came to Switzerland. In this, I described the bitterness of my English wife after I formed a relationship with another woman. Now my wife is very ill and I have just had my cancerous prostate removed. I am trying to help her, have discussed returning home, but find her very hard to get on with. I feel terribly responsible for what has happened to her and do not know what to do. ~John, Switzerland

ANSWER: What happens to another person is what they wish to experience. They will make contracts with other souls to be antagonists, ensuring events will occur when needed. Nothing you have specifically done has gone against the lessons your wife chose before coming to Earth.

Each human decides what beliefs to hold for his or her lifetime. Your wife has chosen a very unhappy, negative stream of events. She is influenced by the religious programming of the evangelists and is in full punishment mode. She thinks her life is the result of her not being good enough to deserve a better one. In her mind, you are the devil incarnate and not to be listened to for advice on the hereafter. Her illness is part of her punishment scenario.

Your guilt is one of your life lessons. Responsibility is a result of each person’s choices, not the product of someone else’s actions. Your wife made the decision to say she forgave you so she could remain in this negative-based environment. She doesn’t want to hear about salvation, unconditional love, and returning Home – it doesn’t go along with the suffering she has chosen. Making you feel guilty is one of her only enjoyments.

Your cancer was the result of guilt and the need to punish yourself. You have paid that price and can now examine the results and move forward. You don’t need to let her suck additional positive energy out of you, which is what she is currently doing.

The rest of both of your lives can continue as it is going, or you can accept that you have no responsibility for her choices. Nothing you say or do will change her mind about you and life in general. Connect with your essence of unconditional love. Share with her what she will accept, and if you are rejected yet again, move on to complete your own journey.

I need to know my purpose!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am a 43 year old single mother of 2 extraordinary children. My life has been one life lesson after another which I always overcame and felt stronger for the experiences. However, the last 3 years have been the most challenging, difficult, life changing lessons that have left me in a state of depression that I’ve never felt before. I see my future and know I am going to have a better life and not be a victim anymore, but I feel trapped in my present life and need to know my purpose. Please tell me my purpose! ~Kathy, US

ANSWER: Most souls seem to think they can’t move forward unless they know what the destination is and how they are going to get there. Look at how your life has played out to this point. As each lesson came into your life, you had to analyze it in order to complete it and move on to the next one. You never knew what was coming next and therefore you didn’t get hung up on waiting for a particular event.

As you progressed, you suddenly got the idea that you needed to know various things: what else was coming, if there was something you had to do, if it was all going to be worth it in the end. This led you into a depression, a feeling that something was missing. You have held on to that sensation instead of filling up the emptiness with unconditional love of the life journey you are undertaking.

You are aware of the next steps, but because of your uncertainty, you want verification that you can do it. Well, here it is: You can do it! You can manifest anything you set your heart and soul to. All souls come to Earth to understand who and what they are as a soul, that they are a piece of Source energy and are as magnificent and powerful as Source. To fully accept and understand the implications is your purpose. Don’t let human thinking and societal beliefs get in your way.

You are trapped by your own design. You are over-thinking what a soul needs to do to complete its “purpose.” Just live, experience, use your freedom to choose your destination – that is your purpose. Go out and enjoy the next part of this life.