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Misery loves company

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I really need some help with what is happening to me right now. I believe I met my split or twin flame and it has been very difficult. There are many symptoms and stages I have to go through alone while he was away, he is in the military. We both have suffered from abuse and the like in life. Although he is very gentle and kind, he is completely shut down. conditioned? mental illness? I just don’t know. So, like I said, I really am left alone to make sense of it all. Now, he has been stationed in another state and it feels like death. I hope you can respond quickly, his orders were so sudden. ~Piper, USA

ANSWER: This man, while he is from your same soul group and has shared lives with you before, is not your twin flame. You both chose similar life-lesson patterns for this lifetime so you appear to be identical in many aspects, hence the basis for your belief about the connection between you. He has his lessons hidden under a layer of emotionless personality. Your lessons are hidden under a lack of self-confidence and the need for constant acceptance and validation.

Having him near will not correct your problems or help you learn your lessons. You have to look to yourself for your answers. It is time to take responsibility for your insecurities. You want someone to tell you what to do because you have no confidence in your own decisions. It is time to ask why. You have been programmed to believe that you are not as good as other people and cannot take care of yourself.

All humans have an everlasting perfect soul inside of them. You have to accept that soul as your energy source and believe it will protect you and provide all the answers for you. When you sense a doubt arising about an activity, go into your feelings and ask why that fear is present. If you clear out your usual thought patterns of blame, you will begin to sense the cause. Mostly things that have been done or said to you have planted this fear and doubt in your being.

Once you have an idea about the cause, you then ask whether you feel you need to keep this response alive in you. If it no longer serves you and you want to change your reaction to this type of situation, then choose what way you want to handle similar things in the future. Your soul mate has as many problems to solve as you do but they are not the same, so being together right now will only magnify the problems you face.

Many views of life lessons

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I had brain damage when I was 21 and nobody knows why.  The right side of my body has been paralyzed almost 16 years ago. My hand doesn’t really work and my right foot isn’t so good either. I’m now 37. I’ve been on a spiritual path many years now and I’ve also started to be a lightworker. Some individuals have said that I will heal fully and my body will heal itself. Is there now something I have to learn before I can enjoy two fully functional hands? Or am I some example to people that I can have fun with my paralyzed body? What can I do? ~Miia, Finland

ANSWER:  You, as is true of all souls, have the power to create your own reality. For each of your incarnations, the creation process starts with planning what lessons you wish to experience during that lifetime. You make contracts with other souls to have them help you with your desires, and you help them with theirs. Every tiny action is not determined beforehand, but the major categories are set in place.

You wished to go from being physically “whole” to physically challenged in order to experience the characteristics of control and lack of control. Some friends who did not want to have the events occurring to them wished to be close by to see what the transition was like. You have fulfilled your part of the contract and been a phenomenal teacher at the same time.

What you do from here on out is up to you. You are still a fantastic example to those who come into contact with you because of your attitude and the handling of your disability. You always have the ability to change your circumstances by changing your reality—unless your initial desire was to carry these changes through to your transition. But there are no absolutes, so you could change that plan as well.

Think what wonderful work you have done for people. Your strength is constantly growing in the physical and spiritual levels. The choice is yours; what’s next for you?

Who makes the rules?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been in a 2 and a half year happy relationship with a man 28 years older. Recently my life changed for the better, job, money, new clothes and a recent weekend in another country with 2 new male friends, and problems began. I feel an urge to live life and that he’s having issues with that. I’m also open minded not to care about age gaps or travelling with two male friends, which he claims there are rules that I have to follow and a committed woman can’t do. Right now I’m emotionally confused. I know I want to have a life and thrive, I’m not sure he agrees with that. I want to know if I can live a life with him, or if staying with him means not having a life of my own? What’s your perspective on our relationship and lessons to learn? ~Tia, UK

ANSWER: All humans live their lives through what are known as belief systems. These are sets of rules after which individuals pattern their life. The initial acceptance or learning of these rules comes from parents, teachers, society, etc., and people are unaware that they are living by a particular set of rules. Since all souls have freedom of choice, you have the ability to change the rules controlling your life any time you wish.

Those who are unaware of the particular origin of “their” rules think that all people are controlled by the same procedures. Your man is one of these. He thinks that all people are aware of “the rules” and that they cannot be modified or changed. That was the way he was raised, with strict adherence to the way it has always been. He is not going to change. He expects that you are familiar with his set of “the rules” and that they are what you live your life by.

Your man wants predictability. He wants to know exactly what you and all other people are going to do next. Control is very important to him. As long as you accept his rules and do not wish to change any of them, you will continue to have a happy relationship. If you wish to exert your freedom of choice, you will escape his pattern of living and he will be fearful of the outcome.

Nothing is right or wrong on your spiritual path. You must decide what you desire out of this lifetime. Whenever you ask yourself, “What do I think about this?”, the belief system or set of rules you are consenting to live by keeps a tight rein on you. If, instead, you ask, “How do I feel about this?”, you will be giving your spirit permission to make choices based solely on your desires, not the commands of others. With apologies to Shakespeare: “To live or not to live, that is the question.”