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Souls and population growth

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am perplexed about one aspect of reincarnation which has to do with past lives and exponential population growth. As the population on Earth is always growing year on year the numbers of humans will always exceed the numbers of souls to fill them. Where do the extra souls come from to meet the population explosion? I don’t quite follow how some souls stay at Home, others reincarnate, yet all those that reincarnate seem to have had past lives. How do the numbers work on this? ~Milos, UK

ANSWER: Just under seven billion souls are incarnate on your Planet Earth at this time. We have visited this question in the past in our writing of the book Exploring Reincarnation. The question (found on page 203) was: “How many souls are there currently in existence? Is the creation of new souls ongoing or has it already met a target number?” Our answer now, as it was then, is: “Using your numbering system there are approaching a trillion souls in existence. Take your known Earth population, consider there are hundreds of other places souls can inhabit, understand souls come and go daily (birth and death), some souls are in places where they have the option of popping in and out of bodies as they experience different activities, and the answer is that the number changes constantly. (The number that are on Earth at any one time, not the total number of individual souls.) The creation of individual souls has no specific target number. All the fragments that are needed to sustain the current learning processes exist now. Will more be needed in the future? There are too many variables to say with absolute certainty, but we do not anticipate the creation of any additional souls.”

Your question implies that the souls who are particles of Source can always be accounted for in relationship to Earth. That is not true. There are those who choose to stay at Home and observe what others are doing on the planet so they can decide what else they want to experience. Some agree to act as guides for those incarnate, and some choose to experience existence on other types of planets. Then there are the few who desire to experience the physical characteristics of animals and spend some time in those bodies.

A soul never dies. It spends less than 100 years on Earth in a body and returns to its spiritual energetic form. Take just the past 2012 years and you have a minimum of 20 lifetimes for our hypothetical soul. Some decide to spend much shorter times in a single body and some just “pop in” to a body for a brief period. You can then see how just in these 2012 years a soul could have many past lives.

Buried in doubts

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am studying to be an arts therapy instructor but I do not know how to make it to be my living. The school is also very expensive and I am worried about if I will be able to continue my studies to the end. The studying feels right for me (among other things, I have a feeling it is an important part of something bigger of which I don’t know much about yet), but it is difficult to follow my heart when financial issues are always worrying me. Is this a question of faith or letting go or what? I also have a very rough time right now with my son, any advice on how to help him to grow up and not turn us all in to nervous wrecks? I have a wonderful loving boyfriend. What is the meaning of our relationship in this life since he does not seem to want any more commitments and yet I sense him as a spouse to me? ~Sanna, Finland

ANSWER: You live in your emotions. You let judgment of what the world thinks is right and wrong control your daily thoughts. The default energy of Planet Earth is negativity because that is the only place where it exists, and people cling to it to have the lessons they chose. Lessons come in negative patterns, and learning them means figuring out how to turn the feelings into positive events.

When you concentrate all, or most, of your energy on negativity—what can go wrong or cause you pain—you reinforce the negative energy around you. Thinking negative thoughts brings negativity to you because the universe perceives it is negativity that you desire. On the flip side, if you see success and positive outcomes, the universe showers you with positive feelings and people.

You must make the choice of the type of environment in which you want to live. Imagine a positive result in school, finances, and a beautiful beneficial career. Have faith and the vision that you will succeed in all aspects of your life.

When it comes to your son and boyfriend, they have their own lives to lead. Your son must find his own sense of responsibility for his actions. With your boyfriend it is only you who sees a marriage. He truly does not want a commitment, so you need to decide whether to stick around and see if he will ever change his mind.

Love one way

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I discovered that my husband cheated on me during our marriage. When I uncovered this, his affair already had finished but he preferred to leave me, even after I had forgiven him. I feel that our story is not over yet. I love him dearly and want him back. We have 3 children. Is it possible? ~Carla, Brazil

ANSWER: Your husband is a very sexually needy person. He cannot stop himself from chasing after women. He does not want to tell you that he will be faithful when he knows he is unable to do that, which resulted in his decision to leave you and the children in the first place. He has some feelings for you just as you do for him; however, though yours are exclusive, his are not. He is making his choices just as you are yours.

You have done well working on your life lessons. You accepted that your husband’s actions had nothing to do with you, so you were able to forgive him for betraying you without assigning any guilt to yourself. You know how strong you are and that you have freedom of choice in all things. You need to continue to honor your own power. Do not give it away to anyone in exchange for promises that might be made.

He will continue to be in your life because he is the father of your children. He doesn’t want anything tying him down right now. He may change his mind in the future, but for now there is no chance he will seek to get back together with you. Go on with your own life. You can search for someone who will treat you with respect. Maybe you will find someone with whom you can share your dreams and life. Don’t hold onto memories that may never be repeated.