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Energy changes

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, we hear a lot about how the dark forces and negative energies around the world are being downgraded and forced into oblivion. The new energies are getting stronger and stronger. But all this talk is about things at a global or at a community level. My question to you is what about matters on a personal level? There are so many struggling to become free of the negative forces, of the people entwined in their lives who are carelessly sucking up energy, causing so much hurt and harm. Are these also being dealt with? When can an average Lightworker expect the help one has been waiting for? ~Yezdi, India

ANSWER: Planet Earth is a duality of negative and positive energies. It is established so that souls may learn about themselves and their essence of unconditional love. There is a continual shifting of an individual’s balance of energy while working through life lessons, which are mostly presented as negativity. On the planet, concentrations of negativity or positivity are constantly changing. This might create the impression that one force or the other is diminishing, but that’s not the case. In order to remain a duality, the world keeps the negative/positive balance intact.

What is getting stronger from the perspective of humanity is the ability to feel the difference between negative and positive. This is occurring for two reasons. Number one, the planetary influences that used to block people’s ability to feel the energy around them have dissipated due to the alignment of the planets. Number two, as people are becoming aware of their essence of unconditional love, they are able to better differentiate which circumstances are negative and which are positive within their domain.

People talk about these shifts because they have finally realized that negative and positive cannot exist in the same place at the same time. They may notice trends in one country or community getting more user friendly, but the negativity that was there hasn’t disappeared; it has simply moved to a nation where people are oppressed.

What people create as their reality is what they work on while going through their lessons. Being in negative or positive energy is a choice. As you face each obstacle or situation in your day, you choose to see it as a positive challenge to help you learn or a negative action to bring you down. Things will not remain negative if you choose to see them as positive. Everything is nothing more than a learning experience.

If you sit around and wait for help it will never come because you are here to do the work. Search for the negative and convert it to positive.

Law of Attraction questioned

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about the law of attraction (LOA). I feel that LOA is a dangerous delusion and that it also violates free will. For example, the law implies that whatever difficulties you have in life are the result of you thinking the wrong thoughts. So it appears that an abused child, a rape victim or a prisoner in a concentration camp was somehow to blame because they thought negative thoughts. This is offensive to victims and flies in the face of common sense. I also have unwanted attention from a guy who has been stalking me but my friend said that it is because I attract him through my thoughts. The universe would just supply them in abundance whether they are positive or negative. I strongly disagree and it is not logical. It angers me. Can you offer some explanation? ~Tania, Scotland

ANSWER: Each soul having a physical existence on planet Earth is a piece of energy broken off from the Creator or Source. As such you have the ability to bring to yourself that which you want and need to experience. The way that you accomplish this feat is through your intention. But you may use your powers to bring something to yourself only if it does not interfere with some action you have previously begun for learning purposes, or something you set up to occur before you came into bodily form.

The Law of Attraction in many forms has been a best seller for almost 100 years as people have sought to have an easy fix for their problems. It has sold as many books and courses as those practitioners of weight reduction programs. Just as weight loss is a discipline of altering your life patterns, so is the application of LOA.

You speak of any type of “like bringing like” to you as a violation of free will. That is not so because you are the broadcast point—you decide what you want to think, what energy you desire around you, and what dreams you would like to see fulfilled. LOA is merely a starting point for things coming from you. If someone else desires to do something, as with your stalker, that comes from them and not from you. However, if you spend time fixating on the event, you do give power to it to continue.

The biggest problem with your intentions being in the driver’s seat is that you have been taught to doubt your strengths and to believe in your limitations. You want someone to tell you what to do so that you do not have to take the responsibility for the result. Accepting what is said by those people who want to sell you their belief system is saying they know more about what you need than you do.

When you get upset by what someone is preaching, don’t listen. Giving attention to their ideas gives credibility to them. Ignore them. If others choose to join their bandwagon of true believers, you don’t have to be there, as well. Once the world was populated by people who swore the sun rotated around the Earth and the planet was a flat surface that you would fall off of if you got too near the edge. Always ask yourself if it feels right to you. LOA works in some situations when all the factors are in place, but it is not an absolute certainty for everything.

Limited emotions

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain how and why souls choose to only bring to the physical realm a limited capacity to feel emotions? Is this part of their prior contracts before incarnating that helps them fulfill life lessons? ~Robyn, Australia

ANSWER: Every soul comes into the Earth plane with different plans. To fulfill those plans some need to have limited emotions, some none at all, and some over-whelming emotions. It is impossible to compare one’s emotions with anyone else’s because it may be a choice to have all your lessons presented to you in emotional terms.

We have repeatedly said that the way you know your life lessons is by the situations that present themselves to you as your fears and doubts. To some, fear generates very emotional reactions, and to others it is a physical sensation. Following those energies back to the point of origin in order to understand your lesson is the key.

When we talk about using or following your feelings to understand your life lessons, we are not talking about emotions. Emotions are the physical reaction to something happening in your body, mind, or spirit. They come into your conscious physical awareness without your having to ask for them. Feelings are the awareness of all the energies that have occurred in this lifetime and others.

To use your feelings to understand and gain the knowledge of your life lessons, ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? or Where did this feeling come from? This opens the door into the unconscious area where energy is stored that is not part of your everyday consciousness.