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Sending off negative beings

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, for the past few years my twin brother and I have been followed by this strange dark heaviness that brings depression and stagnation in our lives especially at home. We want to be spiritual, but it’s as if we’re shot down after any progress. My brother and I have been hearing whispers, seeing shadows and have always felt a dark presence in our home and around us, but more so recently. What is this presence and how do we get rid of it? I can’t even meditate without attracting something really dense rather than something of a higher vibration. Also, since I was a child, mediums have said that I have something attached to me and that it’s not good. Is this all connected? I feel almost as if I’m getting my life and potential sucked out of me. Please help us. ~Mark, US

ANSWER: You have had a negative entity attached to you most of your life. Likes attract likes so your negativity is attracting and welcoming all sorts of other negative things. You find it almost impossible to meditate because you are letting down all of your defenses when you attempt to open to the non-physical world. They take this as an invitation to commune with you. Until you have sent your attachment packing you will never be alone. Your brother has also picked up a hitchhiker.

The energy is very much at home in your residence because that is where the energies can gather and be contained in a friendly environment. You are able to hear and see them because they are getting bolder in their feeling that you are welcoming them into your lives.

Trying to be spiritual is a threat to negativity because it brings in the positive energy of the light. You can use that energy to begin to break the hold the entities have on the two of you. The loose energies, those that are not attached, are the easiest to send away. They do not like light (candles) and smoke (particularly sage).

Use the smoke of a smudge stick to get into every corner of your house. As you are waving the smoking stick around say with conviction that you do not want any negativity to stay—that it all needs to move on. Wave smoke from head to foot around both your bodies as well.

You will need to get assistance to remove the attachments—especially yours, since it has been around so long. There are energy workers in your area who can help break the hold of this negativity.  It is very important that you also ask your guides to help protect you in the future from any return of this problem. They will be glad to assist you.

When is it real and not wishing?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, there is a man I met online on Facebook through a strange set of coincidences. We began messaging one night and it went right into a phone conversation, intensely sexual, very freudianesque, dominance-submission, sex therapy kind of situation. But it also included conversation with bonding and love and care. It all become such an incredibly intense and difficult situation because of age and physical distance, he is almost 10 years younger than I and 1200 miles away. He isn’t like anyone I’ve ever known and the pain of separating was crushing even though it felt like it had to be done. I was left feeling like I was having an existential crisis. That’s how I discovered the concept of Twin Flame and it seems to explain so much. But, could it also be strictly in the realm of psychology and wishful thinking? ~Anonymous    

ANSWER:  Human beings have a need to be needed, loved, and a feeling that they are special. Doing something long distance is safer than being face to face with someone. You don’t have to deal with their body language and any physical affectations that may say something different to you from what they are saying verbally. You are additionally able to visualize people as you would like them to be.

Living dangerously, experimenting with sexual fantasies you would never do physically with another, brings added excitement to any conversation. Many people use books and DVDs to have these experiences, but you were able to have them in the first person with your mystery man. Things you would never say or do in person you are willing to “perform” over the wires because you are safe and will never actually have to go through with the acts. The emotional release can be just as strong when you are totally engaged in the play acting as if you physically completed the event.

He is a voyeur. He is the type who used to call sex hotlines but now can do it for free because of the Internet and telephones. He has a lot of experience getting women to do what he wants them to. He has knowledge of psychology to intensify his own response as well as that of the women he speaks with. He is aware of all the buzz words that turn people into sexually charged beings.

He is not your twin flame, just a very glib human having fun and a physical release while giving you the same. Ask yourself why you became so dependent so quickly. You need more love in your life, so start with loving yourself for who you are.


Romance verses unconditional love

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, as I continue my process of moving towards ascension the more the world reveals its illusion to me. The thing that is puzzling me at the moment is that relationships seem a bit two-dimensional and limiting. I see people losing themselves in a synthetic “love” state that I don’t believe in any more. I am also finding it difficult to relate to people who talk about sex as fulfillment. Are we meant to pair off into couples at the moment? What is the love that exists between man and woman—is it different from unconditional love? ~Laura, England

ANSWER:  The world is not revealing its illusion; you are changing your illusion of what you want to experience during this lifetime. You have come to the place where egoistic judgment is being replaced with spiritual evaluation. You are still being bombarded with other people’s life lessons so you are in the midst of their judgment.

A lot of souls come to Earth to experience physical love and all the possible complications it creates. It is only while in a physical body with all its nerve endings and emotional potential that one can achieve a physical orgasm. Some spend a lifetime seeking the perfect orgasm and that, to them, is fulfillment. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the spiritual aspects of the soul’s experience on Earth.

Being partnered with someone to meet the determined norms of society is also not a spiritual pursuit. Love between the human sexes is romance, a lesson people work on while in a body. The soul, which is sexless, is constantly in a state of unconditional love when in its essential energetic state at Home; the love extends to everything that exists and is positive bliss. One of the soul’s desires is to be able to feel that unconditional love with its human body—but few achieve that goal.