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Hearing from the non physicals

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I’m having a terrible time. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream of my deceased friend who I felt I needed to contact through drawing that turned into automatic writing! (Whoops! And it wasn’t him, he had passed into the Light) Instead of him, I started hearing this disincarnate. I’ve happily helped send a good many souls to the Light but am very confused on how to stop overhearing them, which is worst when I first wake up. I don’t know who my spirit guides are, and many of these folks around me pretend to be my guides but then after I learn the lesson they came to teach they wander off. I’m a loving servant of the Light and want to help if it’s needed, but I don’t want to anger anyone either. Please help? ~Amy, Canada

ANSWER: If a soul contacts you and you tell it to leave you alone, or stop talking to you, if it is in the light, it will not be angered. It will just do as you ask and go on its way. In the light there is no negativity. There is no judgment that would entertain anger, only an evaluation of whether you want their assistance or not. You, the human, are in charge of your journey. The spirits, guides, and energies of the light are merely around to offer assistance—but only when they have been asked.

There are a lot of stuck negative-energy souls. Out of fear or emotional connection to Earth, they have not gone into the light. The only way they can get anything physically done is to talk a human into doing it for them. They are basically negativity-driven, so they start by lying to you and telling you whatever they think will get you to listen to them. If you feel anger when you assert yourself with them, you are dealing with a negative being.

In your haste to talk to your deceased friend, the discarnate found a willing ear. Your friend will be able to communicate with you through automatic writing once he gets the hang of it. Give him some time now that he knows you are interested. Some of the souls who have stopped by with information were enlisted by you before you incarnated to visit and remind you of things you would be able to use in your journey.

Your guides change constantly. They come into your life for a particular purpose and then move on when it is accomplished to leave room for the next one who is there to help you with your next task. As you fall asleep at night, put out the intention that you communicate only with beings of the light who will come forth for the highest and greatest good. The voices in the morning are those soliciting your attention.

Can you reconcile the teachings of Jesus?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know how you reconcile the teachings of Jesus such as: love thy neighbor as thyself, the 10 Commandments, (one being “thou shalt not kill”), suffer the little children to come unto me and many more. Through your books it appears that the lessons of life are if you want to ‘understand’ or ‘live your next life’ being a murderer or a rapist, it is necessary for you to have a soul or souls who will be the murderer or rape victims for you to have your experience. How therefore do the teachings of the soul Jesus fit into your teachings? What is the point of fighting injustice for the poor or abused when it is what the ‘poor and abused’ wanted to experience anyway? You may as well just sit back and watch the ‘inhumanity to man’ and ignore the saying: ‘Evil only exists when good men do nothing’! A conundrum I think! ~Pippa, UK

ANSWER: You might just as well have asked us to reconcile the Torah, Koran, Kojiki, Bhagavad Gita, or the Rules of Confucianism with the scriptures of the various religious organizations. Jesus was a soul who came to Earth at a period in linear time when a teacher was needed to help the people start to think on their own and not just follow the mandates of their kings, owners, or overlords. He also arrived to be a “way-shower” to allow everyone to see they had the ability to connect to their soul energy and return to their origin at will.

All of the teachings above are rule books to create belief systems directing the behavior of a group of individuals. Each one was devised at a time when what it contained was needed for the growth of the people. Just as you now have a choice of which directives you will allow to remain in your belief system, all souls have that choice. Unfortunately, most are unaware they have a choice, so they blindly follow the direction of a teacher or leader without questioning.

Any rule or belief automatically incorporates ideas about right and wrong. Do this or be punished with consequences. Negativity exists only there on planet Earth, so this is not something that is a part of your eternal unconditionally loving existence.

You try to equate life lessons with the rules of belief systems and it cannot be done. Life lessons are chosen by a soul to allow it to have experiences in the duality of Earth that exist only there. Each soul makes its own choices. Your point of fighting injustice for the poor or abused is wishful thinking for creating a perfect world, but it is also a desire to be able to control what is happening around you.

Your journey is all about you, and you alone. Program your own experiences, learn about yourself, and spend time in the unconditional love that is your essence. Let all the other souls do the same, even if they choose something you find abhorrent.

Help me help myself

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: I’ve been in the same relationship for almost 7 years now, living with my boyfriend for 6 years. I have on and off felt like moving on in order to feel more deeply reconnected with myself. He supports me in various ways, but I don’t always feel I can carve out the intimate, spiritual, and spontaneous space I need for “me.” He’s certainly been a grounding force, but I wonder if it’s time to move on. What do the Masters feel, sense, or see? ~Vivian, USA

ANSWER: We see all that is currently going on in your life, what the tendencies are for future activity conditioned—as it is for each soul—on your use of freedom of choice to go forward with your current intentions, and also all the possibilities you will precipitate. We sense that people in your life would like to have someone tell them what to do so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. We see that your boyfriend is extremely third dimensional, and that is why he grounds you so well.

You are awakening more and more into the essence of your energy. The environment within which you live restricts the sensitivity you may use to enhance your progress. Your setting is very judgmental and third dimensional. It is difficult to “feel” how situations affect your growth when you “see” things as the ego world interprets them.

Everything you do is governed by your freedom to choose what you wish to experience. Nothing is right or wrong because you learn from every action you undertake. If you stay as you are, your progress will be slow but you will gather strength from the encounter. If you move on, you will have loads of decisions to make and your self-esteem and self-worth issues will come into play. Just remember, you are in the driver’s seat and have the ability to choose the route.