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What’s human and what’s not?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, how do I distinguish my spiritual personality from my human personality, although I understand both reside within me? I take it that my spiritual/soul personality is not some of the selfish thoughts so these must be my human personality? ~Gena, UK

ANSWER: The human personality is based on the principles of humanity, which is governed by the ego. There is an equal division between experiences that let you feel negative energy and those that let you feel positive energy. Human thoughts center around judgment and what is considered right and wrong by the majority. Your selfish thoughts are negative and therefore part of the human side of you because you are judging what you have against someone else.

A true spiritual personality does not judge. Nothing is right or wrong; it is simply to be evaluated for the lesson it provides. Everything here at Home is done in unconditional love, respecting the life chosen by each person and rejoicing in it for that person’s sake. Connect with your soul essence of unconditional love whenever you wish to be here.

Earth changes

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

QUESTION: Edgar Cayce, Jesus, the Hopi prophecies (Mother Earth will shake herself clean), all spoke of Earth changes. Are these major changes in our immediate future? Say, in the next few years? ~Tom, US

ANSWER: There are not only changes in the future, but right now as well! Have you noticed the shifting in weather patterns—the increased number of earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, volcanoes, intense storms, floods, and droughts? These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Severe pressures are being placed on the planet by the realignment of the bodies within the solar system. As the galaxy prepares for the end of the travel cycle of the planets across the system back into a straight line across the Milky Way Galaxy, puny little Earth is getting pulled and pushed constantly.

Your moon, which is of insignificant size, nonetheless has the ability to affect the movement of water on your entire planet. Now imagine planets thousands of times bigger—passing into areas they have not occupied in 26,000 years—exerting influence on the Earth. The tectonic plates are being jammed together, pulled apart, and jostled. All of this affects everything on the surface of the planet.

Those aware of the movement of time and the planets knew this phenomenon would inevitably occur, so they spoke of the “changing” times. But after the alignment, another cycle begins and the planets will begin their travels around again. The influences will gradually disappear until next time.

Mixed emotions

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am married for 25 years and I truly struggle about what to do. My husband is a good hearted man and takes very good care of me; however, I am not sure if I love him. I am always looking for a connection and intimacy with other men. I feel guilty about these thoughts in myself and want to understand. ~Johanna, Holland

ANSWER: You do not know what true unconditional love feels like, and you continue to search. It is rare to find this love in a human relationship based on human beliefs alone. Your search for that fulfillment should be inside rather than outside. Until you experience a true unconditional love of self, you will not be able to love another.

Intimacy, as you are seeking, is a human sensation of being on top of the world. You have to love yourself for these feelings to appear. You can have as many experiences as you want and never get to what you are seeking until you love yourself. A connection is built on trust and sharing. Something transitory will not give you that permanence. You must ask yourself exactly what it is that you want.

Your husband is a very good person. He is not exciting or that romantic anymore, but have you discussed it with him? He loves you the best he can but you don’t even know that. Before you throw away 25 years, take an inventory of the potential of what you have. Open a dialogue with him.