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Intense “spirituality”

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I met someone on my birthday this year (date = 11:11).The meeting was so intense it seemed like a twin flame union. I had never heard about twin flames before! My life changed completely. His level of spirituality is so strong he seems like a master himself. When I met him, I was convinced he was a soul mate. I’m almost “scared” of him, like I feel like he wants to “kill” me spiritually. Having witnessed such strong spirituality it is selfishly hard to let go. ~Erika, Canada

ANSWER: We are a bit confused by your reference to the physical sensations you experienced being equated with spirituality. You experienced romantic lust feelings. Spirituality has no physical aspect to it. Pure spirituality is a sense of being able to feel yourself and the depth of the universe within you. It is the attainment of unconditional love while in physical form, and a connection to your essence, which is still partially at Home. It does not take another individual to activate or to reach this sensation. It is a state of non-judgmental, unconditional love devoid of any fear or doubt. It resonates with every inch of your physicality with no negativity at all.

There are those in human form who are charismatic and speak as if they have all the knowledge conceivable. Ask yourself if all you feel coming from this man is love—no fear, no doubts, no judgment of one thing being any better than any other—just the desire to share a loving environment with you. If it is, then why do you feel fear? Why do you sense he wants to steal your essence?

Some apparently “spiritual” people gather around them a group of followers so that they might feel “mastery” over others. You live in a duality, and half the energy on the planet is negative. Powerful negative energy can take your breath away. It can make you doubt yourself and your senses. There is an excitement about it that is not duplicated anywhere else. Negativity has an intensity whose innate danger feels appealing.

In any situation always ask yourself first how you feel, then why you feel that particular way. The answers will take you to the lessons you are being confronted with and the reason you have not learned what you need in order to move on. Any time you are caught in the “spotlight” of a new experience, it is very important to step out of that light for a while so you may evaluate what it is. If it is what you wish to experience, you simply have to step back in when you are ready.

Do we pre-arrange everything?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, if a soul must experience duality to fully understand both, then is praying to rid the world of child abuse, murder, etc. futile? I struggle with this concept, as it seems we pre-arrange to be abused, even murdered…. ~Maggie, USA

ANSWER: The purpose of what you call prayer, for those in physical bodies, is to assist them in understanding the lesson they have decided they wanted to experience. Each soul is on a solitary journey. Granted, it is necessary to interact with many other people in order to fulfill your desires, but the lessons are still your own. You cannot lead others’ lives, nor change for them the choices they have made.

The only place that duality exists is here on your planet Earth. In deciding to incarnate into a body here, souls know beforehand that they will learn only by experiencing the negativity that is available here. In freeing the world, if you could, of child abuse, murder, and all the rest, you would be preventing the souls who chose to experience those events from completing their lessons.

Why do you feel you have a responsibility for others? Because societal belief systems say you should? Society wants each person to take care of as many others as possible so that society will not have to take responsibility for so many. No one knows what another soul has decided to experience, so if you interfere with the setting up of a lesson you have prevented growth. That said, you sometimes have a soul contract to help another through a lesson, which allows you a lesson as well, such as being a caregiver.

Praying for—that is, sending the energy of love to—other people to work through and understand the reason for particular circumstances helps them through their lessons. It doesn’t prevent these things from occurring, but it allows souls to get through them faster with better understanding. Send love energy out to all souls—you will speed their journey.

Why do I attract this element?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I noticed in my whole life that every time I am balanced, gaining confidence & respect, I attract guys who are sexually driven. They see me as a sex object too. I am flattered, however I desire a man who wants me for all that I AM. Btw, my base chakra is good & more fired up especially when I am all balanced. I also attract lots of people with problems and I am very happy to spiritually counsel them online but do not know how to generate income out of this gift. I do still love all my life experiences & lessons. ~Heart & Soul, Singapore

ANSWER: Why would you be flattered to be seen as a sex object? Isn’t that sending a message out to the male population that you gladly assume that role? You are advertising energetically for those sex-crazed men that you are willing and able to be their sex slave. That is not honoring yourself. When you see yourself as a physically sexual person, you are accepting that as your identity instead of seeing yourself as a spiritual person within a female body.

Pride in the state of your root chakra over your other chakras is saying you crave the sexual act over a spiritual conversation or exploration of where your partner is on his soul journey. Sexual intercourse is a minute piece of the soul’s journey. Exterior love from another human doesn’t connect with the soul, just the body. Finding the unconditional love that is within is vital to self-awareness. Strive for a connection to the universe when you are balanced. Meditate and communicate with your guides.

You are very empathic concerning the energy of others. That allows you to know intuitively how to help them. They sense your abilities and are drawn to you. It is very difficult to pursue this type of work online but could easily provide a good income if you qualified as a life coach and opened a practice.