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Effects of the current shifts

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, as energy changes on our planet and within us, will duality and therefore bipolar disorder be minimized post shift? Can you explain what will happen please? ~Hazel, UK

ANSWER: On planet Earth you are matriculating into an era of clarity and awareness. For those who have prepared themselves, completed life lessons, and connected with their soul’s essence, their existence will be one of unconditional love and oneness with the universe.

Earth is still the place to experience duality and lessons involving negativity. These will not disappear of their own accord. It will definitely be easier to see the knowledge behind the lessons, and to accept the solutions, but the lesson won’t just fade from existence—positive action on the part of the soul is necessary.

For those who have done the work of clearing away the hold of the egoistic Earth dimension, their rarified energy will allow them to rise above the duality, and their intention will allow them to create the experiences they desire—including returning Home, if that is their wish. In this graduation from human life, all negativity and the accompanying human conditions that are considered negative will cease to exist.

For those souls who are not ready, or wish to continue experiencing negativity in Earth’s duality, things will seem much the same as at present. The planetary movement is causing stresses on the Earth, and those who set up to go through this phase on the planet will indeed experience the changes.

As in all things, your soul has complete freedom of choice. You may have elected pre-choices before coming to Earth, or opted for the ability to decide at each step of the evolution. Even with pre-choices, you may change your mind at any time and drop in to various situations for the experience. Have fun and enjoy!

Never experienced love

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have returned to my childhood village to live with my first love after 30 years. He is a good hardworking man and he offers me a home, a job and a safe place without games or manipulation. With him I remember my qualities and inner power and am regaining my self esteem. All seems perfect but what I suffer the most is that there is no connection between our hearts. He doesn´t look me in the eyes, hug or kiss. I do, and I can handle that, but when we make love I cannot find him. He´s not present,  he is somewhere else, an empty shell and I feel loneliness and despair. I don´t care about wealth like his, and can´t make him understand my need for tenderness, intimacy and heart connection. He says he loves me and is happier than ever. I love him and decided to work for this relationship but what can I do? Only love myself more? We are trying to get pregnant but my uncertainty of our love probably prevents us having a happy loving family that we both never have had. ~Jenni, Finland

ANSWER: Souls who have spent their current physical life in places where there is no human love do not know what is possible. If they can connect to their internal soul’s unconditional love, they strive to bring that feeling into their existence.

Your “love” does not know what love is. He has convinced himself that caring for someone and having a physical intimate relationship with them is love. Not only has he not experienced interpersonal intimacy, he has never even seen it except in movies. He loves you dearly in his own way, which is much the same as an owner loves a beloved pet.

It is possible that you can show him what he is missing—if he is willing to give you the time. Introduce him to films where a heartfelt connection is established between the characters. He spends so much time invested in securing wealth because he needs a goal. Turn that goal into a familial relationship with your future family.

Having a child before he is aware of the importance of a sharing, loving family would be unfair to the infant. You are correct that your feelings are interfering with conception. An alternative, for you, is to want the baby in order to have an unconditionally loving person in your life, accepting that you may be alone in this connection. It is possible that his observation of the joyous satisfaction you derive from a close contact with a child might trigger a feeling of physical closeness within him. But be prepared to have him remain as he is, with you having full responsibility for the child.

Should I charge for energy healing?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, why does it seem that the subject of money is so taboo with spiritual groups? I feel whenever the subject of money and charging is brought up, spiritual people immediately place a judgment that charging or that charging ‘too much’ is ‘wrong.’ I strongly believe that the intent of healing work should always be at the best interests of the client, however I also feel that it is not ‘wrong’ to make money from this work. Although money is not something we can take with us after this life (and I have not begun charging anyone yet), I don’t see why we should not be able to help others and still have the life we want. Is it that difficult to balance? Am I being oversensitive? Or could this perception be a reflection of something I need to work on? Please provide insight. ~D., Singapore

ANSWER: The whole world would like to receive something for nothing. A lot of people think that since they cannot see the universal energy that healers use to balance up dis-ease in the body, they are paying for something that does not have a value. By the same reasoning, counselors, therapists, and hypnotists should also not be paid—which all would agree is absolutely ridiculous.

Healers have had to spend a lot of time perfecting the use of the intention necessary to direct energy. In addition to the perfection of their art, they have also had to spend time clearing themselves of third-dimensional interference having to do with their life lessons. Clients are paying for your hard work in getting to the point you have achieved, and for your experience.

This issue is having an impact on you because one of your life lessons is self-worth or self-value. You are very sensitive to what is said about payment because you question whether you are good enough to charge, or if you can deliver what you purport. Intention is everything, and if you have only pure thoughts the universe takes over.

Remember that any healing situation involves two people. The healer cannot influence the client unless the client is accepting of the concept and the energy that is being delivered. If the clients doubt, they put up a blockade or a filter in front of the energy coming to them. This is even true in western medicine: if patients do not believe that the medication prescribed by their physician will help them, they block the effects of the pills.

You are a good healer with pure intent. As to money, most people value something based upon how much they had to spend for it. Don’t set your prices too high, but also do not undervalue your services. Let your charges reflect the amount of time and work you used to master your area of expertise.