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The Bully

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my partner keeps on repeating he likes the dark and does not wish to cleanse with the violet flame or cut the cords of any sexual desires he has for another than me as to re-write his male DNA programming. Is he still tied with a karmic vow to be in service of the dark forces and needs to undo it by cutting it? Could you help me understand please? ~Kita, UK

ANSWER: Your partner is a selfish, bullying narcissist. He only cares about himself and his desires. He is intrigued with stories about “bad boys” or people who have made pacts with demons to ensure that all their pleasures are satisfied.

He doesn’t want to have any restrictions placed upon his actions, while wanting you to do his bidding. This is not the result of a karmic vow or a required service contract to the dark forces. It is his excuse for doing whatever he wants.

If he were to cleanse these behaviors and cut ties to these needs, he feels it would lead him to a very boring, unexciting, unfulfilled life. He is immature in his attitude toward responsibilities and enjoys playing this role of being a dark force. He has totally convinced himself it is so—so for him it is true.

You will not be able to help him until he is ready to examine where his lifestyle fits into society. He has no idea who he is as a soul and really couldn’t care less. This is part of a life lesson he came to experience. He has to first understand it as a lesson before he can learn from it and then go in another direction.

Paying for the past

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my oldest son has been a daily drinker since age 13. He is now 45, and the last several years have been so painful around him, and his wife, who has treated me and our family with rejection and disrespect. I finally told him I could not and would not take the abuse anymore and cut off our relationship. I have not heard from nor seen him in almost two years. My heart is broken and I have become very ill, both physically and emotionally, because of the cruelty of him and his wife. What can I do to bring peace into my life, and is there anything I can do to help him understand? He said he didn’t care about my concerns. ~M.A., US

ANSWER: Your son chose a difficult addiction problem which he somewhat blames on you. He, with his wife’s insistence, believes if you had prevented him from drinking when he was so young, a fact which allowed him to become so dependent, then he would not have this problem today. He sees his childhood as the cause of all his problems, and you as one of the orchestrators.

When you removed yourself from his abuse you were honoring yourself choosing not to accept his actions. You must let go of the anguish you feel. He has to decide to change. Nothing you do will make him decide it is time to change. The effect his actions are having upon you is the result of your blaming yourself for not being able to fix the situation.

You can be affected by the actions of another only if you accept that you should. Understand that he is living his life the way he has chosen. He can change if he desires but he is too angry to see that he can. Release the hold he has on you and the hurt he is causing you. Let him go his own way and restore your health by using the energy you use worrying about him to help energize yourself. Take care of yourself; he is not ready to listen to anyone else.

Did I help an alien?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I saw sparkling blue dots and then a beautiful Blue Lady with long blue dress and diadem. She asked me to help her to go back to her own planet. And I did it in my way. Was it true or my only imagination? Maria, Finland

ANSWER: Souls may choose to incarnate on planets other than Earth. A lot of these beings can travel at will to other destinations. Your lady was one such visitor. What she had not anticipated was the effect the dense Earth atmosphere would have upon her energy. When she tried to transport back to her planet she did not have enough energy—she was out of fuel, so to speak.

This was not a figment of your imagination. When you possessed the intention to help her return it allowed you to funnel through you, to her, universal life-force energy sufficient to permit her to break away from your density and return to her own planet. She is very grateful for your assistance.