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Changing direction

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am struggling to find balance in my life. I know I need to take better care of myself physically and to let go of things that are no longer working for me. I feel that everything in my life is changing; what I don’t know is how to help that process along. What can I do now to be open to guidance from the spiritual world? How do I let go of my old place in life and find the new path I am destined to walk?  ~Brenda, USA

ANSWER: The first step is for you to do a complete evaluation of every aspect of your life. Notice we did not say a judgment, but a simple evaluation of your circumstances. You need to look at your belief systems, some of which have been in effect since you were a young child, and determine if they are appropriate for your life any longer. We did not say you should decide if they are right or wrong, but rather if they still serve you.

Unless you spend time thinking about it immediately before you act, every action that you perform during your day comes from your programmed subconscious mind. The imprint was put there by training and experiences that came your way throughout life. Some are things your parents put into your head with the desire to protect you—the “stranger danger” commands, for example. Yet if you never talked to strangers today, you wouldn’t be able to purchase anything in a store or interview for a job.

The evaluation process goes like this: something occurs and a response pops into your head automatically. Stop and ask yourself: How do I feel about this response? Is it what I would do if I had time to think about it? If it feels uncomfortable, ask: Where did this idea come from? With this formula you will be able to clean your closets of unresponsive actions and modernize them to today’s needs. Do not hesitate to throw out anything that no longer serves you. That is what freedom of choice is all about.

We evolve through you

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Question: Masters, while I was with a friend she began channelling an evolved group of spirits (or so it seemed to me). One comment they made was ‘we evolve through you.’ Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to ask for further explanation, and no longer have the opportunity. Can the Masters shed any light on this, please? ~Dave, UK

ANSWER: Your friend has friends in “high places”—sorry, just our idea of a little joke. They were bringing through to you some of the basic principles of the journey of life, evolution of the soul and universe, or reincarnation 101.

In the beginning was the magnificent, unconditionally loving, all-powerful, all-knowing Source. Unfortunately all it knew was what it could experience in its own majesty: unconditional love. Source wanted to learn more about how fantastic it was, and the only way to do that was to break off pieces of itself and let them experience what it was not, which would allow Source to experience this vicariously.

First it needed to create a place that had all the elements that were not unconditional love so that it might feel and sense the differences. Earth was created for this purpose, so souls could take turns subjecting themselves to every possible condition that is not unconditional love.

The knowledge they record from these events goes into a communal database shared by all. As souls tap into this data, it is like reading a historical text. They learn more about each experience and their sense of Source, and their own essence evolves. So, thank you, all human beings, for helping us to evolve.

How fast things change

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I met a wonderful man 3 years ago at work. It just clicked between us. We were talking nonstop for hours. I felt almost at once that we are soul mates; we were like one but still two different persons. The time for me couldn´t have been better. Then his divorce, work, etc. got too much for him. He became depressed, so much so that he pushed me out of his life. He told me that it could be the biggest mistake in his life. We are keeping in touch someway but not much, as he gets upset hearing my voice. Does it mean that he still has feeling for me? I know that we are meant to be together in this life. I hope you can help me on this situation and tell me: am I losing him or is he coming back to me? What kind of soul agreement have we made and are we fulfilling it? I feel his energy near me all the time. I am very hopeless and I am so empty inside.  ~Saija, Finland

ANSWER: This man is not your soul mate. The contract you had was to awaken each other to the ability to share with another in a non-threatening manner. Before this experience he had closed in upon himself completely. He was in fear of sharing himself in any way. Most of his experiences in life had been similar in the threats of being controlled and abused by others. While you have provided him with the possibilities, he is not ready to accept that he has freedom of choice in all things.

He has gone back into his protective shell. The sound of your voice reminds him of what might have been, and that he is cheating himself because of his fear of change. He does not want to remember, so he cringes at the sound of your voice. He is making the choice to fall back into old patterns rather than face unknown fears and move forward.

The only feeling he has for you right now is one of dread—a fear that you will force him to face decisions he does not want to acknowledge. The future decisions he will make are all completely up to him. He may choose to see you again, but he would have to work through a lot of issues to be able to bring himself to that point.

Your “knowing” that you belong together is just wishful thinking because of the ease you found in communicating with him. You have the ability to do this with others as well. Remember the way the exchange felt and search for that as you have contact with others. Get out of your dream expectation of having a life with this man. You are committing yourself to a relationship that is not to be.

The energy you have identified with him is actually the sense of freedom of being without fear when with another. Take that feeling and apply it to other partners and it will feel the same. Stop fixating on this one man, and be open to the other possibilities in the world around you. While waiting for the next man to come into your life, look for the unconditional love of your soul, which is inside, and the loneliness will disappear.