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Meeting your expectations

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I want to find a place to work where it feels safe to belong and where I can shine while exploring and expressing myself in something that will bring healing and understanding while shedding light upon things that are in the dark. I wish to find joy in my own creativity without being overpowered by fear of being on my own. I fear disappearing, being meaningless or arrogant and unlovable and detached from others. I feel all these things right now. I am afraid not to achieve, resulting in wasting my life and disappearing in chaos. I feel I have been unable to achieve anything personally or professionally. My question would be how to overcome these barriers within myself. Some of them feel like very old patterns from other lifetimes.  ~Nina, Norway

ANSWER: You crave recognition and reward for doing your life’s work. That means you are not satisfied with who you are and need to get love from outside of you because you don’t love yourself. Every characteristic that you seek for yourself is a judgment of ego-based factors. It is saying you are not magnificent or sufficient as a soul and must be accepted in the human world to feel complete.

How can any life experience chosen by an immortal soul ever be meaningless? To exist is to achieve something through the use of your intention, so you could never have a moment that was lived disappear from memory. Every day you spend interacting with the world is achieving knowledge for you and the universe.

Your desire is not to take the time to feel what is right for you but to be protected, guarded, and guided into “doing the right thing” by the opinions of others. What you are doing is perfectly all right because nothing is right or wrong. The fear you have is responsibility for making your own decisions. This is a huge barrier to climb over and it is old. You have frequently chosen to be controlled by the whim of those around you. It felt safe, because if others made all the decisions, you could never be wrong.

Find your power. Honor your soul and take charge of your life. You have freedom of choice to do whatever you want to experience. Start looking at the world without looking through someone else.

Being watched

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, who is the being I saw in golden lock hair and wearing a light blue gown while listening to a spiritual channeling? It was so vivid; I was quite absorbed in the teaching when I turned my head up and saw her standing on the roof. My heart skipped and when I looked again, she was gone. I wonder if she is my spirit guide? What message is she bringing by this appearance? I have not been able to see her since then.   ~Denise, Singapore

ANSWER: Whenever a group of spiritual people are gathered together their guides gather with them. When communication is being exchanged between the physical and non-physical planes, as during a channeling, it draws an audience from both sides of the veil. The soul that you observed was a curiosity seeker coming to observe a noted presentation. She was a guide to one of the attendees but not to you. Your guides were present but they didn’t get so worked up with the message that they formed a solid mass from their energetic being; in other words, they could not be seen in physical form.

If there is a message here it is definitely that you are not alone, and that the interchange between the dimensions is getting easier and easier. You are also becoming aware of the pull of pure positive energy and unconditional love. Although you were very involved in the teaching, you could not resist the feel of the guide on the roof and turned to her energy. You could not maintain a constant lock on her because of the intensity, which was why you had to look away.

Remember the sensations that came over you in the presence—not only of the seen guide, but also the unseen guides there as well. Open your senses to that draw of positive energy. It will allow you to read people better. Do they mean what they say? Is there some negativity behind their intent? With the extension of your senses into the non-physical realm will come a stronger connection with the universe and your guides in particular.

Running away from self

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I find myself in a situation that I don’t know how to get out of. I graduated from school in the nursing profession and I can’t seem to bring myself to apply for work. This is troubling because I have been jobless and doing nothing physical with my life for several months. I think during this time I’ve grown emotionally and spiritually. I am hoping to return to school in the future, but in the meantime, I find myself without an income, sitting at home all day, and living a very empty life. I’m losing esteem and respect for myself but I dread the idea of having to work in that profession. And I don’t know where else to work or what to do in the meantime. I wonder if deep down I’m creating excuses and am actually feeling lazy and scared. ~Anna, Canada

ANSWER: Everything in the universe is energy. There are only two kinds of energy on the planet: positive and negative, and only two kinds of feelings or emotions: love and fear. They pretty much correlate. If you are in positive energy there is a sense of peace, love, and understanding. If you are in negative energy you sense fear of the unknown and fear in all of its other forms. Anything that feels like a threat, something to be avoided, or a decision you don’t wish to make, is coming from the negative energy around you.

You were on automatic pilot as you went through school with someone else always at the controls. This meant just having to learn what was shown to you without requiring you to take any responsibility or even make decisions. You like this environment and that is why you even see yourself going back to school.

Any position that you would take right now, whether in nursing or some other profession, would create a panic situation as you began. You have to get more in touch with yourself before you can go out into the world. Nursing has taught you that you like to help people and that you are very good at it. But you have also learned that there are some patients that cannot be helped or do not want to be helped, and you see that as uncomfortable to you.

You need to decide that the world cannot be as you would like it to be, but has to be dealt with in its own form. Whatever you decide to do, just do your very best and the satisfaction that you receive will be sufficient for you. If you remain hiding from your fear of taking responsibility, staying home and not getting a job, you will come to a place where you totally despise yourself, which will cause you to be paralyzed by the fear. Get out of this hiding place now!