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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, recently, while day dreaming, I had a vision of a little girl. In the vision, she was talking to me as if I were her mother and she my daughter. After I opened my eyes, I felt very protective towards her. I am quite maternal naturally, but don’t have kids and have not really craved kids in a long time. Now after that vision, I feel empty that the daughter in my vision is not in my life. I don’t want any other child, just the one in that vision. I am 36 and single and I don’t really see kids as a part of my future, so I’m confused as to why this vision affected me this much. Could this child have been my child in a past life?  ~PL

ANSWER: Daydreaming is a practice that humans use for many purposes. It is a way to see yourself in situations which are not, or cannot occur, in your current life. It may also provide a link to your higher-self memories of past lives, both completed and uncompleted life lessons. It is a way to test out emotions that have not come to pass in the present life and that the soul is yearning to experience or recall.

You have not become a mother in this lifetime even though by your own admission you are naturally quite maternal. While you say you have not really craved kids in a long time, it was a pot that was simmering on the back burner with the fire never completely extinguished. You have uncompleted “mothering” and emotional lessons from a past life.

Your daydream was your unconscious desire to deal with these issues. You envisioned the optimal setup to complete your unfinished business. The daughter you brought into your daydream is the soul with whom you had a contract in a past life, where you blamed yourself for her untimely passing. You have open lessons of forgiving yourself, respecting the lessons of other souls, dealing with abandonment feelings, and being able to love yourself.

You may move through these issues in other daydreams where you allow yourself to be totally open to the facts of that past life, or by revisiting this life in a past-life regression. Search for the facts that bring up pain and then ask: “Why do I feel that way?” The answer will allow the lesson to surface. You may then make the choice of letting it remain or learning the lesson you left undone.

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, sure I understand about giving the answers before a test, but most people don’t realize there’s a “test,” so to speak, or that they are meant to be learning something. Is that what we’re meant to wake up to?     ~Josh, Australia

Masters, I found your insights to be very interesting about amnesia. My question is then why do past-life regressions? They are often helpful to resolve some karmic issues and release some emotional pain from past lives, but should we avoid them since we are supposed not to remember?  ~Nathalie, UK

ANSWER: We are glad that this response provoked additional thoughts-way to go out there! Josh, you are meant to wake up to the fact that each life you lead is to learn lessons. The whole life experience is to awaken to the fact that you are an eternal soul and that you have had many prior lifetimes and that this one can be more fulfilling if you get to know yourself as that soul.

“Test,” which includes the right and wrong answer to a dilemma, may be kind of a harsh word. It, of course, implies that judgment is a part of that experience, and that is true only until you recognize your soul’s journey and leave judgment for the evaluation of unconditional love. The amnesia is dissipated as the knowledge of your true essence comes forward. Or rather, wake up and smell the coffee you put on during your last lifetime!

Nathalie, past-life regressions are generally done by people who have come to the understanding that they are immortal souls. They have become aware of having memories that are hidden under a veil of amnesia, and they are searching for the keys to unlock their pasts. Most of the past-life regression sessions that they will undertake are governed by their higher selves so that they get directed to the specific issues that will help them complete their uncompleted life lessons.

There is no rule that you should not remember your past experiences, only that you should be the one to know that they are there, and make the positive effort to go search for them. The purpose of a human life is to learn as much about the nature of the soul as is humanly possible.

The first step is always to acknowledge that you have a soul. That is the first phase of awakening. The second step is to take any means available to learn as much as you can about the nature of self. Past-life regressions are an excellent means to that end. Your own soul, through your higher self, will not allow you to go beyond where you are ready to be in that search.

Do dolphins have souls?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, according to all the books that I have read which have been channeled by Toni, most animals have a life spark and not a soul. The minority that have souls are human beings who have chosen to incarnate as an animal to experience the power of a particular animal. While I understand this, I have a question. It concerns dolphins, who are known not to hurt human beings even when provoked. Do these special beings have more of a life spark in them than other animals?         ~Preetha, UK

Masters, I would really like to know if dolphins are life sparks or souls. They save human beings even when they are being attacked by us. Can you explain this?         ~Sussanah, UK

ANSWER: Dolphins, as you know, are mammals. They were once walking on the surface of the planet before they chose to go into the sea. They have brains that are comparable to humans’ in size, and they use a larger portion of their brain than humans do. A large number of souls that choose to have inter-species experiences have chosen to experience them in the body of dolphins.

The majority of what are referred to as dolphins on the planet today have only a spark of life, the same as other mammals like lions, dogs, and apes. There are inbred in a number of species the need to protect humans from themselves and dangerous situations. It has become instinctual in their nature.

Family pets, whether dog, cat, or even birds, will come to the aid of their owners in a time of crisis such as medical emergency or during an accident such as a fire. These occurrences are not the result of training or instinct but rather arise from a sense of love or companionship.

Dolphins are extremely gregarious animals, fun loving and protective of their pod. A person in the water can easily become a thing of interest or a playmate. There are a lot of recorded instances of dolphins supporting injured humans or other mammals such as small whales or even seals until they can reach a place of safety. There are also reports from those who spend a lot of time in the water with wild dolphins that, on occasion, they have been attacked by dolphins when their activity has been perceived as threatening, such as getting too close to a mother birthing or a tiny newborn.

Dogs will frequently help injured or lost children and sometimes other animals. Apes have adopted and raised similar species and even humans that have become lost or stranded in the wild. The mothering instinct of mammals is species blind.