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Is my lover my father?

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I am writing about my relationship with my boyfriend of almost one year. When we met, I felt that I was “guided to meet him.” I had a strong feeling that I was to attend an event, and when I walked in the door of this event we were both at the door at the same time. As it is said, “it was love at first sight!” Even though I am giving him a hard time about marriage, there is no question of our devotion and love for each other. Masters, my boyfriend is 7 years younger than me. My father passed away when I was four. Sometimes when we are making love, I wonder if he is my father. My boyfriend feels that this is true. Can you tell me?       ~Kaye, U.S.A.

ANSWER: Your lover is not the reincarnation of your father. However, he did meet your father’s soul when both were at Home before he came down. He confirmed for your father’s curiosity that he and you had made a contract before you were born for him to be available for a romantic relationship when the two of you were ready.

You have been waiting a long time for your boyfriend to come into your life. The seven years’ difference in age necessitated this wait for him to be ready. You should not concern yourself with this age variance. Both you and he are from the same soul group and you have been together in a number of past lives. This is what accounts for the familiarity that the two of you feel, not your belief that he could be your father reincarnated.

The more you fixate on that idea, the more it takes you away from the love that the two of you share. You must ask yourself if the love you feel for your boyfriend is true romantic love, or if it has become a familial love for a father on which you were never able to lavish daughterly affection. Accept that your boyfriend loves you as his lover, not as his daughter.

You are the one who is uncomfortable with the age difference; it does not bother him. Accept that your love is shared, and that is all that need concern you. Enjoy this magnificent man for who he is, not for who you wish he might be.

Rollercoaster of life

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have been on an intense spiritual path now for 20 years and I’m still sometimes hit with tremendous feelings of self doubt whether I’m making any progress, feeling out of alignment and depressed. Sometimes, though, I feel very in touch with my true self. The past 7 years I have been in a rapid expansion process from an energy practice I do. However, 2 years ago when my mother came to live near me, my energy became very heavy like I’m being pulled down by heavy weights. I walk my dog a lot but am often out of breath walking fast or up a hill. I don’t know what is going on, or if there is anything I can do to help overcome this. I have also gained weight and often feel drained in the late afternoon, although I am usually quite energetic in the mornings. I would really appreciate some input from you about my journey and whether I am just going through a rough patch and will emerge if I just keep going.      ~ Shayne,  UK

ANSWER: You are participating in the rollercoaster of life. The human body is bombarded by all kinds of emotional and physical changes throughout the life path. The bouts of self doubt, wobbly balance, and depression are all signs of the various stages the soul goes through during a life experience. As you leave one phase of lessons and proceed to the next your body has to adjust.

When a soul is engaged in intense spiritual work the effect upon the body is even more pronounced. You are removing some of the protective layers of third-dimensional padding from the soul and taking the full impact of each event. Time is needed to reach a state of equilibrium.

The proximity to your mother has thrown you back to some earlier life lessons that you had not completely cleared. Your weight gain is protection you unconsciously feel you need to protect yourself from unpleasant memories. Your body is not used to the added bulk so it gets tired easily. You need to examine the feelings that have crept into your life since her arrival. Ask yourself why you are you having these sensations-the answers will surprise you.

Once identified, decide whether you wish to maintain these beliefs as your own, or if it serves you better to get rid of them. These are all planned lessons appearing so you may learn from them.

Asexual life style

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have always felt different from others as I was growing up. I realized I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having to have sex. I prefer a romantic companionship. The code word for it is “asexual.” I’m 26 years old and no one would even think I’m this way because of my personality. But this is who I am and it’s hard to be me in this world. I always felt maybe I feel this way because I am from a different planet. Can you tell me why I feel this way? Will I find someone like me? I greatly appreciate anything you can impart that could clear things up.                       ~Jamilliah,  New Zealand

ANSWER: You are not from a different planet. You have chosen a number of interesting life lessons in your past lives. One life that was a very happy one for you was as a protective harem slave where you had been castrated. You were extremely fond of all the women, and they loved you because you posed no threat to them. You lived to a very old age and died peacefully in your sleep.

That life was for you to resolve how you felt about sexual identity. You never confronted your thoughts on it because you chose to just accept your lot in life and never questioned how you felt. This lifetime the energy of “non-identity” is still firing, and what you do about it is your choice. Nothing is right or wrong when it comes to learning lessons.

This lesson can play out in several different scenarios. You can strive to find another who wishes life to provide only companionship without a physical aspect, or you can examine what your true feelings are about each sex. The sex act itself is perceived as dangerous to you because of the dire consequences in your past life of anyone having relations with a harem occupant.

Do you sense that your feelings are about the dangers of a relationship? Do you feel you are in the right sex body? You may continue as you are and look for a mate, or you can work on the spiritual lesson that this situation represents. The choice is yours.

In any case, a past-life regression with a spiritual hypnotherapist will help you understand your current feelings. It may also give you some direction.