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What feels right to you?

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Q. Why are all the churches saying that we must fear God and repent for our sins? If your thoughts really do create your reality, why hasn’t God come down and said, “Hey guys, the whole religion thing isn’t working; try this…”?

A. We do not wish to get into a discussion about belief systems concerning and contained within organized religions. The teachings of each individual religion and sect are for each member to interpret individually or choose to follow blindly. No one from this side of the veil (the Other Side or Home) will ever tell you what to think or not to think.

The whole premise for life on planet Earth is to feel what is right for you and to exercise your freedom of choice to determine what you will accept and live as a belief system or reality. Part of all freedom of choice selections (made while in human form) is accepting responsibility for your own decisions. It is impossible to learn anything if you do only what you are told instead of having to experiment on your own to see what feels right to you.

Don’t be concerned about what other people are doing. The choices that are right for them may not feel right to you.