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Negativity creates a brick wall

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Dear fellow souls, we have received a lot of comments from people lately that they are not able to create and manifest what they want and need. The statements go something like this: “I’ve been trying…” “As hard and as much as I try…” “After I have succeeded in creating things, I think it is just dumb luck and then everything else fails.”

What we are hearing in all these remarks is negativity and a total lack of confidence in your own power. You are erecting a brick wall of limitations. Words are magical in your physical dimension. What you say is what your consciousness and unconsciousness believes to be the truth. When you use an expression that indicates a lack of confidence in the outcome, such as “try” instead of “do”, you are saying “I am not confident that I can complete this,” which translates into “Here goes another failure”… and so it fails.

Why should you feel that you are worthy enough and good enough to create your own reality? You were broken off from the Source of all things. You have the same powers as Source to create and manifest for your needs. It is solely your conscious, human-empowered limitations that prevent you from being magnificent.

When you have cut loose all the human doubts and begin to have faith in yourself, you will find it easy to create, from your core power (your identity as a piece of Source), everything that you need. Getting back to core power, while in physical form, is one of the life lessons souls come to Earth to learn. Have faith in yourself. Be true to yourself. Honor yourself.

Shed the negativity and live in love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World