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Politics as usual

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Q. Masters, I am tired of putting up with all the B. S. that is being slung by our politicians. I dread each time when an election looms. In the end it seems that the person with the most money, who can have the most commercials out there, is the one who gets elected. Why do we have to put up with all this stupidity? Is there anything that we can do to change this never-ending pattern?

A. One of the great things about life on Earth is that each person gets to shape their own experience, and to do with it what they want within the boundaries of their own financial status, interests, and intelligence. A person has the ability to say anything they wish, but each listener has the right to interpret and to accept or reject what they hear. It does no good to fight and get angry at what people say; just tune them out, or question them, or let your opinions be heard.

The ability to put your message in front of the public in the traditional way is determined by power coming from political affiliations and power coming from having the money to buy anything that you want. In the run-up to the election in the United States of America, candidates are getting some questions from the public through the Internet. Money is worthless there and enthusiasm rules. Controversial statements are torn apart from all angles, and questions are being asked about contradictions and statements that are not founded on facts.

You refer to campaigning as stupidity, but as long as the people can be convinced that a monkey has the capability to rule a nation, and they don’t question it, then one may very well be elected. If enough of the voters in any election are interested and truly informed about the facts, money expended will not be the determining factor in who gets elected. In order for the facts to win out, the populace must become involved and take the time to investigate what is fact and what is window dressing.

You have two choices: you can sit back and just complain about the way things are being conducted as the candidates spoon-feed you their platform, or you can get on the Internet and research their records and their speeches at different events and to different interest groups, and make a decision yourself as to what feels right to you. Then you can let your friends know about the findings and help them make their informed decisions devoid of the glitz of the marketing aspect.

In the end, the only person you can truly affect is yourself. If you feel strongly enough about what you see happening, get involved.

Gratitude and greed

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Greetings, fellow souls! We feel your sense of excitement over the coming holiday events. Every race, religion, and nationality celebrates something at this time of your calendar year. Two types of emotions arise in this season: overwhelming thankfulness for the blessings that enable us to celebrate the approaching festivities, and a sense of greed in anticipation of accumulating more physical goods.

The default setting for a lot of children at this time of year is: “Can I collect more booty than my friends?” Parents, relatives, teachers, and ministers must be sure to instill in the little ones that it is more blessed to give than to receive, to share oneself and one’s good fortune with those who are less fortunate-and not just because the Bible said so.

Building up a sense of sharing at this time of year sets a pattern for behavior throughout the rest of the year and the rest of one’s lifetime. Gratitude, thankfulness, and sharing create a sense within all souls of existing on the same level plane. This instills a desire for better means of communication and fosters the exchange of information. There is a greater understanding that all souls are, in fact, created the same, but have chosen to have their experiences in many different ways. What you can learn from another’s lesson may save you from going through the same uncomfortable experience.

The Masters of the Spirit World

Near-Death Experience

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Q. Masters, more and more people are talking about Near-Death Experiences. Most of their reports seem to follow a pattern of going through a tunnel and people coming to greet them, but others are totally different. First, what is a near-death experience? Why do people experience them? How do you know if you have had one? Is it necessary to have one in order to get a true sense of oneself?

A. A near-death experience (NDE) most often occurs when human beings experience a traumatic event that allows their soul (with its consciousness), to almost completely exit the body-just leaving the tiniest filament connected to their physical body. It is at this time that some souls make the decision to return Home to start a new life in a different body.

The people you have heard speak of their NDE are those who, at the moment of evaluation-the “go/no go” point-exercise their freedom of choice to return to their bodies and carry on with their current life. This decision may be made after conferring with relatives and friends who have passed over, and who meet them in the “tunnel” connecting the physical with the spiritual dimensions.

When someone starts to reach into that space between the dimensions, their perception is determined by the prior experiences and energetic connections that are most important to them at that moment. They may see what their current life is really like, and how closely they are intertwined with other people, and may assess what effect their leaving at this time would have upon those others. They are likely to see just about anything that will help them to choose whether to continue going Home, or to stay on Earth and finish what they have started. Their destination is always wholly a matter for their free choice.

Most people have these NDEs because they are at a crossroads in their life and need new direction. They may even have had an NDE arranged for their present life as a reminder of why they are in that life and what they wanted to do when they came down to Earth. Some have made arrangements to have an NDE occur if they ever spin out of control. (Their “death” may result from an accidental overdose, a car accident, carbon monoxide inhalation, or the like.) One thing that occurs almost one hundred percent of the time after an NDE is that the person is changed. They are more connected to their own feelings, more introspective, more aware in the spiritual sense.You will always know when you have had one-unless you consciously suppress the memory because you don’t want to face what it presented to you.

You do not have to have one in order to know yourself, however. Just meditate and connect with the stillness inside of you, and get to the point where you regularly contact your Guides to help find the answers to the same questions that present themselves during an NDE.