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Not emotional about kids

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters two of my children seem to have chosen difficult life lessons. One seems to be bipolar and exceptionally demanding; the other is an addict. With regard to my daughter, is she really incapable of supporting herself (she wants to move back into the family home) or is she seeing how far she can go with us? I know she is an old soul and trying to experience difficult situations, but she doesn’t seem to want to help herself. She keeps threatening suicide.  The other child is apparently on a path of self-destruction.  But why do I seem so removed from the emotions that their actions should provoke? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: Your daughter is trying to see how much you will empower her sense of irresponsibility. You have enabled her in the past, mainly due to her threats, to live the life she chooses. What you do in the future is up to you. The reason this is not having the impact on you that her actions have in the past is that you have become more aware of the spiritual energies afoot.

Everyone has freedom of choice to live their lives as they wish. In the case of people like your daughter, they try to see if they can influence others to do their bidding. This is all about lessons each is working on: one to try and be in control and the other to see if they can learn from being controlled or if they can remove themselves from the influence of the controller. You have learned to honor your choices and ignore her demands.

Your self-destructive child is very confused and is running away from life and responsibility. They deaden themselves so they don’t have to acknowledge the rest of the world. This, too, is a life lesson and their choice. Right now, they are not near to understanding what it is they wish to accomplish, but don’t give-up on them – just don’t facilitate their addiction.

Threats made by manipulators are to play on your sense of guilt and duties as a parent. Once a person starts intentionally making decisions for themselves, it is time to step away and let them see the other side of decision making – that of responsibility. Your daughter can take care of herself if she works at it, but she is lazy. It is time to let her find her way.

This isn’t bothering you so much because you sense the spiritual journeys each is undertaking. You know they will not do anything unless they choose to do it. You have moved out of judgment and are in the area of evaluation covered in unconditional love. You have held their hands long enough. Time to start letting them live the life of their choice.

What in the past affects the soul?

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I want to know how can we figure out if the client’s problem comes from a past life or family lineage issue? What is the difference between healing a past life issue and a past life of an ancestor? What is the best way to heal the family tree patterns? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: A soul lives a series of lives wherein it chooses the human family it will enter for any Earth life. Rarely, if ever, does it enter the same physical human lineage in subsequent lives.

The lessons it works on in each life may have some carryover into a subsequent life if they did not finish the learning of a particular desired issue and if they have chosen to revisit it in the current life. If they did not opt to address it now, the issue lies dormant until they make that choice. Their individual memories relate to the personal situations in which they participated but do not include the human historical lineage.

That being said, each person creates their own reality based upon the beliefs they choose to incorporate into their life. They may feel a physical pulling toward the genetic predisposition of their body or the physical tendencies that are built into the genetic base of the family. For instance, a soul may have chosen a particular family because they all suffer from some disease or are prone to addictions that the soul chose to experience.

When working with a client regarding these issues, bear in mind that the specific problem they are facing can be twofold. They may be influenced by one of their past-life events, or it may come from the physical tendencies by which the person has chosen to be affected. In both cases the healing comes in understanding the part the soul chose to play in each.

Only the individual can change the triggering effect a past event can have on their human body. Healing what was caused by an ancestor in the physical line doesn’t affect the soul who was not a participant in it. One caveat to this, though, is that if the person has adopted the belief that they are influenced by their physical ancestors’ problems, they can be. Remember, everyone creates their own reality.

Relationship responsibilities

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’ve always been a little detached from the family, at least I always feel that way. But after my awakening I got further apart. I feel like running the world, living new things, living alone but there’s always the thought that I’m being selfish, that I’m not caring much for family (Grandmothers, Uncles). Sometimes I think they (my family) are selfish in the sense that they think everyone has to be around all the time hitting the other’s life. It has bothered me so much lately; I know I can get rid of it and create the life I want. But I want the advice of you my master and guides. What do you have to tell me about it? ~Ju, Brazil

ANSWER:  In the duality of human life, there are differing ways to look at common actions based upon your perspective. If you are engaging in the battle of negative and positive choices, which freedom of choice allows, you are using society’s basic tool, which is ego. Ego is powered by judgment and everything is either right or wrong.

The spiritual approach to life steps away from judgment and spends its time evaluating if what you are observing is beneficial to your growth or not. There is no judgment and no ego.

Life’s journey is carried out by each soul individually. You cannot learn from depending on anyone else. All the choices must be your own, completed for understanding why you have come to Earth. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself.

As you have moved away from judgment during your awakening, you no longer accept the judgment society used to impose upon you, such as having a responsibility toward those related to you. This awareness is making you feel uncomfortable because the relatives are constantly reminding you of it since they benefit from having you fawn over them.

Part of your growth includes having confidence in your own feelings. You should never do something just because someone else demands it. You should always honor yourself by making your own decisions. The people are craving the strong energy you now give off in your enlightened state and are more eager to have you at their beck and call. The choice is yours.