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Healing self

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I would like to ask you about nurturing love of Self and self-worth- how? How can I do this? I work on myself and seek to uncover and heal entrenched belief patterns of shame and guilt. Often as soon as I clear an experience, I feel empty- missing something familiar – and I feel like I sabotage myself then by starting the old negative patterns all over again. Masters can you please give me some signposts out of the old patterns. ~Cath, Australia

ANSWER: You have done good work on going through some of your lessons, but after you rid yourself of the unproductive ones, you have left the area they filled empty. That makes it feel like they should come back – and they often do. What you need to do is start filling those voids with unconditional love for all the work you had to do to accomplish banning the patterns from bothering you.

Pulling in the unconditional love of the universe is a way of loving yourself for all the work you have done. You are giving yourself a pat on the back for getting rid of unneeded lessons. It is easy to accomplish. Say you have just banished a sense of guilt over a decision previously made: you see it no longer serves you, and…poof!…it’s gone. But there is that spot it occupied. Quietly meditate on positive loving energy, congratulating yourself on the good work – the love flows in and takes up the space.

Examine each and every belief that controls your behavior. Anything that generates doubts or fears should be addressed and examined to find out why it is there. You can replace those negative beliefs with a love of self, and this will open you to connect with your higher self and thrive.

You choose what your reality looks like by the beliefs you allow to remain and control your actions. Change any that run counter to the things that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to have a continual rotation of beliefs so that you learn all you came here for. Remember, you are in charge.

Can’t stop crying

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters may I graciously ask you to shed some light on the reason I cry so much? My memory seems to be wiped out (almost completely?) from what I remember I did not cry much as a kid, or young adult. But now I cannot stop crying. ~Stephanie, Canada

ANSWER: You had a traumatic occurrence when you were a child and then you suppressed everything that happened to you from then on. All those memories are packed and hidden within a very tight container to keep them from surfacing. What is getting out is the energy of hurt, guilt, and relief.

Your tears are a combination of fear, sadness, and happiness. Your unconscious is completely aware of the cause of the waterworks, but you haven’t allowed yourself to let it into your consciousness. It is all right to leave things this way if you desire, but you could always go after the memories and get rid of them faster than the slow release happening now.

An age regression would permit you to visit your childhood and youth. If you had the intention to gain knowledge of and understand your problems, you could be steered directly to them. Breaking the stranglehold you have maintained on these memories all these years will make you feel better and stop the constant release of teary energy.

Hypnosis with a spiritual hypnotherapist would be the easiest way to accomplish an awareness, but you could try scratching the surface with a deep meditation aimed at the hidden past. Also ask, as you fall asleep at night, for your guides to assist you in reaching back into the cause of your distress.

Keep in mind that all this energy is involved around life lessons you chose to experience. You need feel no guilt for their appearance or for the delay in addressing them. Step outside the pain and observe what it was that you sought to understand about life. Decide what was learned and whether it is necessary for it to remain within or if you can thank it for its lessons and kick it out of your life.

Reality check

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I know you can’t tell me what to do but I really need advice. My marriage has not been good for a long time. We bumble along going through the motions but recently I have become aware that my husband really seems to be a compulsive liar. He actually lies like a child would. I feel like I’ve been played from the beginning. Our 30th anniversary is soon, and I just feel depressed about it. I have lost all my Joie de Vivre and l will admit to being scared to leave as I’m in such a rut. I acknowledge my own part in our current circumstances, but I honestly feel that he never really felt love for me nor I, him as we were so young and naive. ~Caroline, Ireland

ANSWER: You both started out creating a fantasy world to your liking. You each convinced yourself that what you had was exactly what you thought life should be like. When your husband told you something, you heard only what you wanted to hear, never questioning what was actually being said. Living in your own world you couldn’t be affected by his.

Your lives have been on parallel paths during your marriage but not on the same roadway, which has allowed you to exist as a couple and seem to be compatible to others. Don’t fault yourself for this predicament because it is the way a vast majority of relationships play out. Most individuals just never become aware of the gap between their vision and their partner’s.

Communication is the great awareness tool, but few people impartially examine what is being said. It is hard to justify the reality you have created for yourself if you must also see what those around you perceive as the shared truth of the situation. Complicating talking to one another are the emotions you bring to the mix.

At a young age, infatuation overcomes a meeting of the minds and appears to be true love. You both loved each other to the extent your lack of experience provided. In point of fact, if you look back, you will see you really didn’t have that much in common. You had no foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship, and ignoring what you sensed about your husband is the only thing that has kept you together this long. 

It is now time to honor yourself. What is it that would satisfy you on a daily basis? How can you find out what your truth is, and how can you live it? You will remain in your rut only if you choose to do so. You have used your creativity all these years; now use it to create a life of your own, whether you remain in the marriage or not. Forget the past – it will be an anchor preventing you from moving forward.