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About Our Mission and History


What the Masters of the Spirit World told us:

We are an ever-changing group of enlightened Ascended Masters. Many of us have spent many lives among you, and others are  souls who have never incarnated, such as archangels. Some of us have acted for years as the personal guides of our channel, Toni, and others come to assist her when a matter needing expertise is being discussed. We recruited this particular physical channel because of her ease in translating the vibrational energy that is our language. We sought a voice that contained a broad base of experience and information so that we could use complicated concepts to provide a depth and fluidity to our communications.

“We are here to assist you who are contained in a physical form to accomplish your various Earth lessons and life missions. We do this in the sense of the unconditional love in which we exist. Because you each have freedom of choice in the manner in which you experience your tasks, we may not provide personal unsolicited assistance, but that does not mean we cannot offer help to any soul who asks us directly. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive—providing it is for your highest and greatest good in this current lifetime.

“We hope that you will enjoy our communicating with you. We have asked Toni and Peter to assist us. We deliver weekly informational comments on some issue of importance to your planet. We have also created a handbook explaining reincarnation, the journey of the soul, to guide your thinking and answer your questions.”

From the MSW founders

Our mission at the human level is to support the Masters in extending their outreach to as many people as possible, while remaining true to the spirit of their teaching. We hope that our MSW “fans” (the Masters’ own word) will regard this as their mission also. MSW has three areas of focus in which it enlightens others:

  1. The Conscious Life We follow the soul journeying through a lifetime dedicated to gathering experiences that give it knowledge leading to eternal wisdom.
  2. The Unconscious Life We concentrate on the soul’s ability to interact with its physical body using non-physical intention to heal and balance physical situations, self-created to learn life lessons.
  3. The Physical Life We monitor the physical reactions of Mother Earth and her interaction with the human beings inhabiting her.

Each of these areas may be looked at through the judgment of the human ego or the wisdom of the eternal soul. The Masters of the Spirit World seek to lead souls to a better and more complete understanding and integration of the lessons each has learned.


Purposeful Living and Dying

MSW is dedicated to fostering the search for truth in human experience. We are not a faith organization but a loose-knit gathering of souls all across the world aiming to help people to understand all aspects of existence.

After thousands of years spent by thinkers developing philosophical and theological ideas, are people in the world really any more certain of their purpose in life? Most people, even those within religious communities, are full of doubt and fear. How easy would you feel if a friend asked you to say what you personally and truthfully believe about the meaning of sickness, pain, and death? Do you know who you are and what your destiny is?

Today, billions of people in society are opting out of tackling the central issues of their life, choosing instead the unsatisfying path of consumerism, and questing for personal power and wealth as their lifetime’s ambition. We even repeat the old joke, “Whoever dies with the most toys, wins.” We laugh, but we actually laugh at the thing we fear most—death. So we resort to platitudes, not convictions, to explain where we personally stand.

The MSW approach says that these questions really can be answered, and every single one of us can discover meaning and purpose in life and fulfillment in death. These are answers that have been available to humanity for generations; they have never been a secret, but all too often they have been obscured by the cultic or religious spin that people gave to them, and they have been censored by powerful leaders intent on retaining their temporal power. This happens still today in our society.

The Masters’ Affirmations

I  intend to:

  • Become aware of my true nature.
  • Love all souls, even those whose choice of lessons does not appeal to me.
  • Fully accept myself as I am, which is necessary for my chosen path.
  • Learn to banish fear so I can see the lesson within.
  • Understand my chosen lessons.
  • Trust in the Universe, knowing it will not send me more than I can endure.
  • Know that I create my own reality and have the power to meet all my needs.
  • Release my ego to enjoy fully my soul’s unconditional love.
  • Commune daily in love with my soul’s companions.
  • Have faith in myself because I am divine.