Reality vs. dreams and expectations

March 6th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I desperately need your advice regarding my husband. Since embarking on a career in management nothing seems to last. It all starts well then all goes downhill and it’s over. Is he choosing the wrong path or is it due to a personality trait as I suspect. He’s very rigid on rules and uncompromising. He seems to have very unrealistic standards and can rub people the wrong way. He’s also OCD. He’s doing his best to change but I know it’s difficult for him. He can be very caring but hasn’t got a lot of empathy for people but is very different with our pet dog. Has he come down with a personality trait that can explain his behavior as he seems to view things from a very different perspective to other people. ~Jo, England

[Note: OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]

ANSWER: Management positions deal with coordinating employees for the benefit of the company. A manager must be able to read his people and match them up with their strengths. A person who cannot understand the characteristics and abilities of those under them will be inadequate in that position and incapable of knowing why.

In the beginning, before he has to start making decisions, all seems right within his world. When it is up to him to direct his employees, his default reasoning is controlled by his OCD, which does not take into consideration individuals’ aptitudes and sees only in degrees of black and white.

He doesn’t need to develop empathy but does need to start feeling. Until he can understand the rationale behind the behavior of others, nothing will ever appear to be right with him.

He came down to see if he could ever put himself into the place of another to understand how many ways there are to consider things. He has never accomplished that but has simply developed his own way of living without emotional interaction and being totally rigid within the confines of his OCD.

He functions well with animals because he allows himself to identify with their needs for love and dependency. They pose no threat to him, his impression of himself, or the security of his job. Since people can speak up and criticize his performance, they are always able to undermine his position.

If he wants to complete this lesson, he needs to be more aware of interpersonal relations through using feelings. Otherwise, looking into another type of work will be necessary for long-term employment.

Dealing with life lessons

March 6th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I would like to ask something of a very personal origin that even causes me shame, but I honestly cannot find an answer to that. I’m gay and I have a hard time connecting sexually with other partners, especially if it does not involve feeling. But I have a “fetish” that I do not understand where it came from and why it’s so strong in me. I feel attraction when I see men sleeping, even there are porn sites with this category, I believe that other gay people feel this attraction too, but it makes me sick to think about it, I suffer because I feel it is wrong to feel this kind of attraction where in my imagination I would be abusing men who were asleep. Has this had any past cause of life or was it something that came into being in this life? I do not understand this behavior. ~Luis, BRAZIL

ANSWER: You chose what, to most of society, is a very interesting series of life lessons. There is nothing wrong with your choices, and it is just for you to decide what you can be comfortable with during the remainder of this cycle.

Your major problem is a lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and understanding all the implications of your conscious and unconscious desires. You can dream all you want, and nothing is wrong with that. It is only a problem with society if you jump across the line that demarcates what is considered criminal. Thinking about it, talking about it, and engaging in it with other consenting adults is perfectly all right.

Seeing someone sleeping or unconscious removes all the fear from you that they will not respond as you desire. As you have found out from your research, you are not alone in these attractions. Many want a safe environment for their sexual outlets, and a non-responsive person provides that. Unless you force yourself on an unwilling individual, there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

You have never chosen this type of lesson before. It was chosen by you to spend time sensing the feelings involved and working out a way to accept and live with them. Enjoy the bodily reactions that your dreams allow you. Before you ever decide to act on your fetish, find other like-minded people with whom to do so.

Meditation and guides

March 6th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have been meditating almost every day for a few years now. I feel I have changed a lot, and lately my emotions are all over the place ….my marriage is falling apart, it seems that my husband and I can’t get along anymore, what am I doing so wrong? I thought meditation would bring peace and clarity which has not been the case. I also started to see repeated numbers like 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55, is it coincidence or an indication that my guides are trying to talk to me? How do I improve so I am able to hear their guidance? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: Let’s address one issue at a time. Just because you fall in love with a person and you seem to be matched perfectly, it does not mean that will always be so. As people learn more about themselves and who they are, they may find that they are on a different path from that of their spouse. If one person goes and gets a degree in spirituality and the other person has no clue about or interest in metaphysics, they will find they no longer have much in common. Their hopes and dreams will diverge as the importance of their existence is no longer synchronized.

Organized religions believe in a marriage lasting a lifetime, but that developed when the husband made all the decisions and the wife wasn’t allowed to think for herself. Education has changed that since a wife is no longer subservient and can make her own choices – just as every soul always has freedom of choice.

Realigning your life to benefit the person you are at this time will continue to permit you to grow. You aren’t doing anything wrong because you are able to notice what resonates with you and what prevents you from being comfortable. Use your freedom of choice to clear any blockages to enlightenment.

Meditation’s true purpose is to connect to the universal unconditionally loving energy. You will find that sometimes disruption is needed to find your deepest peace. You are obtaining clarity because you stepped back and analyzed your life and saw that it is not working as you would like. Now is the time to create the reality that you desire.

Calling your attention to concentric or repetitive numbers is a sign from your guides that you are noticing things that will help you understand this life. It is their affirmative answer, or their “Yay, team – way to go!”