For Skeptics

A Message for Skeptics

What do you have to say to skeptics who read these channeled messages?

We thank you. We enjoy the stimulation that you provide for us, because without your questions and doubts, those involved in these messages would become complacent. It is your stimulation that makes us explain things that often appear to us as everyday occurrences, so we honor you in forcing us to do our work properly.

Our work is to let those in human form fully appreciate the possibilities of this type of communication and be able to communicate with us at will, so that we may assist them as they continue their journey through life. We have been their acquaintances, friends, and teachers in the past, and we simply wish to continue helping “from the wings” while they are having another human experience. To the skeptic we say that we are the guides, the directors, the prompters who are here to be taken advantage of and used…but only if desired.

So you don’t judge skeptics for being skeptics?

Absolutely not! The whole human experience is for people to learn, to feel what it is like to be human, which is in a body that is solid and, in a lot of cases, impenetrableYou are like a machine that has endless amounts of data available for input. Based upon the data source, you have ocular inputs—eyes that gather various types of information, and you have auditory inputs—ears that allow you to listen to what is being said. All this data must be processed internally. Most humans do this only with the brain, an unemotional machine. But your feeling heart is a center point within which you may remember whatever part you have played in the past in your nonphysical life. So skepticism is just a natural initial stage within this data-gathering process.

This all seems rather like an argument for religion.

We respectfully beg to differ. Religion, as most people view it on your planet, is a construct in which a person or group of people tell you what you must think, how you must behave—all in order to save your eternal soul. You must do what they think and what they say or you will be forever condemned to the eternal fires of hell.

So what’s the point of reading your messages?

We present to each alive and thinking being on the planet a kind of starter kit showing how to go inside and connect with what even all the religions tell you exists: your soul. We define the soul as the energy within you, which is the same as the energy that is in everyone else because it all comes from a single source. That Source, the Creator, can be tapped in order to access the wisdom that has been gathered by all those who have lived before you, and by all the firsthand knowledge you have gained in your own previous learning experiences.

Now you really do sound religious, talking about a Creator. Can you prove the existence of God?

No. We’re never going to be able to prove that to anyone still in physical form. That may seem to be the torpedo that sinks our boat. But on the other side of the coin, in response, we ask you to tell us about your origin, how you got here. Describe the power that is the force inside you. Go back to the very first organism that resulted in your species. Granted, you can show us a lineage of biological people related to you in that physical form, but go beyond them—where did they come from? How did they get here? How did the planet beneath your feet come into existence?

All we ask is that you listen to the messages we are going to deliver and see how they “feel” to you. Don’t think about them; don’t analyze them. Just let your heart tell you their truth.

Celestial Voices Team Comment

Some people may examine the words from our friends on the other side with great difficulty and skepticism. We can provide no proof of the authenticity of the Masters except our own inner conviction that they are loving spirits, and our observance of the way in which, time after time, the Masters’ words confirm what has been learned by spiritual people elsewhere.

Those who ask whether this is an attempt to create a new religion should relax. We are clear that we are not promoting any religious philosophy. We see ourselves as providing a media outlet for the Masters, as they have requested. Every interpretation made by us is given only to make clearer the careful words that come from the higher energetic dimension of the loving and caring Masters of the Spirit World.

So, we ask that you simply keep an open mind and judge the Masters on their merits.