Ask The Masters

Please read this carefully before you begin.

The Masters have chosen to answer questions from Earth so they can teach us all by their spiritual answers. They prefer questions that raise issues interesting to as wide an audience as possible. This site is an English language site and we can deal only with questions presented in English. They are flooded with questions from all over the world. The Masters choose first those to be given a full answer here, then the rest are considered for short answers on Facebook. The Masters make the choices not the human staff. The preferred questions are not always long ones, but provide the best teaching opportunity.

If you send us a long question (Max 150 words) for the Messages page, it is not very likely to be answered—since we get so many. If you send a short question (Max 50 words) many more are selected to be answered on Facebook’s Reincarnation Guide, but the Masters do not choose to answer all of them, and their decision is final.

We are serving a world-wide audience. Limit your questions to not more than one every eight weeks. Yes, we said 8 weeks. Please do not risk being rejected by asking too often.

Absolutely no question over 150 words will be answered!

Absolutely no questions presented in languages other than English will be answered!

People who do not wait 8 weeks to submit questions will be ignored!

Currently wait time for an answer is 2-5 weeks because of the volume of questions.

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