Meet The Masters


Welcome! We are glad that you decided to come and join us.

Please let us introduce ourselves. We are an ever-changing group of enlightened Ascended Masters who have spent many lives among you, and souls who have never incarnated, such as Archangels and the like. Some of us have acted for many years as the personal guides of our channel, Toni, and others come to assist when a matter needing our expertise is being discussed.

We are referred to as “The Guys” by our channel Toni. We accept it as a name used in love and joy—one she started using whenever what we conveyed through her didn’t seem to make sense to her. She has since come to accept our wisdom without question, and only addresses us in that fashion when she seeks further explanations for something that a client has trouble understanding.

We recruited this particular physical channel because of her ease in translating the vibrational energy that is our language. We sought a voice that contained a broad base of experience and information so that we could use complicated concepts to provide a depth and fluidity to our communications.

We are here on the Web in order to assist you who are contained in a physical form to accomplish your various earth lessons and life missions. We do this in the sense of the Unconditional Love in which we exist. Because you each have Freedom of Choice in the manner in which you experience each of your tasks, we may not provide personal unsolicited assistance. That does not mean, however, that we cannot offer help to any soul who asks us directly. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive – that is providing it is for your highest and greatest good in this current lifetime.

We hope that you will enjoy this means of communicating with you. We have asked Toni and her colleague Peter to assist us in this endeavor. They have interviewed several of our number, whom you considered noteworthy or famous during the time of their most recent visit to Earth, and those interviews will be available soon in book form.

Now the reason for this message to you—we intend to deliver a weekly informational comment on some issue of importance to your planet. Each will be posted on this site and archived in case you cannot visit us every week. We hope you will find them informative.