Following intuition

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know what to do about this constant urge I have to move to the north of the state. The only thing holding me back is not having a financial base and being dependent on the help of others. What should I do? I am currently married, even though I have released myself in the spirit from this man. My questions are: first, if I do that, am I on the right path? And, second, do I need to sue him for alimony or just continue to move as I am and go forward with my life and raise my children?  ~Belit, Israel

ANSWER: The urge you have to move is twofold. First, the energy in your current area is not conducive for your spiritual growth; the energy in the North is. Second, you need to break completely from everything that is now your world, to move to the next stage of your life. You are finding your strengths in this life, at this time. Honor the feelings that define who you are becoming. Rely upon your intuitions for you have developed them over many different lifetimes.

Your sense of dependence upon others exists only because you have not had the opportunity to be on your own and take care of yourself. Family and friends have dictated a lot of your past. You now have to make the decision. Exercise that freedom of choice which is yours, if you want to continue with those energies to grab hold of your future and blaze the trail on your own.

Making your own pathway is quite independent of your husband or soon-to-be ex’s responsibility for his children. You should definitely pursue a course that will provide for their needs from his pocket. The children are very strong and have their own impression of what is happening. Ask their opinions to give you a counterbalance for any drastic changes you are contemplating.