Unconscious messages

QUESTION: Masters, I feel a bit “stuck.” I have been off work (due to slow recovery from surgery) for 3 months. I feel I have been deliberately slowed down by the universe but I am not sure why. Should I be in another job more suited to my talents? I would appreciate a little help and direction to see a clear way to progress healthily. ~Bernie, UK

ANSWER: You are blaming on the universe what your unconscious mind is doing with your life. You know, even on a conscious level, that your current employment does not suit you, and you are miserable when you think of the things that you could be doing. During your recuperation, your unconscious self has taken over and tried to get you to admit, just as you have done here, that you need a job that suits your talents better. So take good note of this.

The way a body heals is by a combination of third-dimensional medical healing and inner-dimensional psychic intention. If your unconscious wants longer to consider your next step, the desire to have more time to think and plan will draw out your recuperation.

Start with a visualization of yourself in your perfect workplace. See yourself accomplishing success in the area of your interest and talents. See yourself in a completely healthy condition. Next, begin looking for advertisements for openings in that ideal situation and apply for the jobs. As your enthusiasm grows for the perfect conditions to work in, you will find your body repairing to be ready to launch you into that work.