The one and only man for me

QUESTION: Masters, I am looking for the man who is given to me through divine right. I don`t want to have relationships like I’ve had up to this time. I feel that I need someone to spiritually connect with, not someone superficial! I met a man but I am afraid of dating him just because I am scared of him not being the one. I know I could feel so much for him! Is he the one who is mine through divine right or just another lesson to learn from? I am asking this because before meeting him I was asking the Infinite Spirit to give me the man who is mine!  ~Iulia, Romania

ANSWER: No soul has the right to possess another soul. All souls have freedom of choice in every aspect of their relationship. Romantic relationships, during an incarnation on Earth, are but a small part of the reason you came to body form. It is a fallacy that you only have one potential romantic connection in this life. You have possibilities on many levels. What has been in the past has been on physical levels only, accompanied by lessons in self-worth.

You have chosen the area of love to express most of the lessons you are here to learn. The interaction within relationships tests your understanding of life. Do you have faith in yourself? Are you giving away your energy to another to betray, abuse, control, or cause you to question your ability to function? You feel that there is one and only one man in your world who will allow you to find fulfillment. That is not true.

As you have progressed through the various stages of spiritual awareness and growth, your perception of others has changed. Seek first someone on the level of spiritual understanding where you now reside; then let it become a romantic relationship. Don’t let your hormones guide you and become physically involved before you have a sense of the spiritual nature of this man. You are both on paths of learning; study together—it’s more fun that way.