Aging with anger

QUESTION: Masters, I used to be a very easy going, loving being. As I get older I’m becoming very angry with the governments and with the general populace. I am extremely concerned about our planet and the changes it is going through which have been brought on by our way of life. Am I just getting old? Or is there a spiritual reason why I am feeling so much anger and sadness?   ~Greta, Canada

ANSWER: The awareness that you have of the planetary issues is the result of media coverage, which has increased exponentially as you have aged. In recent years politicians, in particular, have jumped on the bandwagon that makes the most of disasters and deplorable conditions—all with the statement that they alone can offer a solution for the problems. Cynics say we have only ourselves to blame and no one is able to correct the problems.

With people pointing out all the failures in the world that could possibly exist, and thousands giving support to one plan or another, coupled with the observation that nothing is really changing for the positive, the result is predictable: Anger, frustration, and sadness are to be expected if you are invested in the society in which you live.

When you are so consumed with all the physical actions, it is impossible to see the spiritual aspects of the causes. Making this your accepted environment and choosing to feel affected by it, without recourse, will make your life even more chaotically third dimensional. Souls create what they want as their environment.

We always tell souls: you are exactly where you need to be when you are there. How you feel is how you choose to feel. That is the spiritual lesson here. Learn to create rather than being manipulated by the words of others. Feel the unconditional love of your soul and adopt that as your day-to-day sensation. What is happening in the world is the result of the choices of the other people with which you share the planet. Let them feel the devastation if they need. Go to your higher spiritual self and bask in love, knowing that what is happening is needed by others but not by you.