Energy Healing

Q. Masters, I have friends who have begun talking a lot about something called Reiki, and other “energy healing” practices. Just what are they talking about?

A. Dear Inquiring Mind, illness, disorders, and physical infirmities are all the result of some thing or force blocking the free flow of energy throughout the physical body, creating dis-ease within the body. Your friends are referring to using the universal life-force energy, which is everywhere in creation, to release these blockages and restore the energy flow.

The process is a very simple one: The practitioners, who have a proper intention to help others, pull energy through their own bodies in order to harness it before directing it to their clients. There is a little more to it than that. Practitioners must have their clients’ highest and greatest good in mind, and the client recipients must also want to overcome their affliction. In some cases individual clients may not be ready to finish with the ailment they are facing; they may have more to learn from the experience.

The energy itself is “intelligent”—in other words, it cannot be used to harm another. Energy healing has been in existence for as long as there have been human bodies needing adjustment. It goes by many names—Reiki, Healing Touch, Qigong, Chakra Balancing, just to mention a few. All are basically dealing with the flow of energy and its blockage versus its balancing.

It is not necessary for you to “believe” in each practice in order for it to help you. You merely need to be open to the process. As we always say to you humans, “Get out there and go with the flow!”